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You Look Great Today

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How do you respond to a compliment?   Do you welcome kind comments that make the giver glad to have shared them with you or does that dialogue go more like this….“Wow! You look beautiful in that blue blouse! Where did you get it?’ ”Oh this old thing? I found it in the back of my closet and was hoping I could hide my muffin top with it.” I invite you to consider the connection between how you receive compliments and if your overall ‘vibration’ is that of ‘allowing’ or ‘repelling’ positive experiences and intended desires. Read on to find out!

When was the last time someone said something nice to you and you replied with “Yes, it is true” or “I receive that!”?  I dare you, for one week, to respond this way to all compliments from your friends, loved ones, co-workers, etc.   Yes, I realize it may feel awkward at first, so begin with saying ‘thank you’ and silently thinking the ‘it is true’ part. I guarantee you will find out immediately where you are on the ‘allowing goodness’ scale.

Oh, you actually don’t remember the last time someone GAVE you a compliment? Well, let’s talk about what messages and beliefs you are giving out to the universe so we can correct that! Join me for a short pop quiz and just shout out a quick ‘True or False’ to the following statements… Ready? Go!

I feel great about myself!

I am excited about my direction in life!

I’m on track with my health and it feels so good to be me!

I’m proud of the way I’ve handled recent challenges!

I know that the universe loves, blesses and supports me!

I feel respected and noticed in my work, family, community, etc.

If you answered “FALSE, NOPE, NOT REALLY, or ARE YOU KIDDING ME” to any of the above statements…it may be worth your time to mull over what intuitive guide, Penney Pierce shares in her book ‘Frequency – The Power of Personal Vibration”. Everything comes to you or is repelled from you based on the vibration of your energy field. Wait, what? You mean my ‘vibration’ or ‘energy’ is what is bringing me compliments, free coffee, and fresh opportunities? Well yes, and it is still yes, if you are actually receiving ‘more problems, more stress, and more responsibilities’ without any free coffee to fuel all that.

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For example… if you hold an idea or belief that you have to work hard to make ends meet, you may materialize job opportunities with low pay or long hours. If you feel privileged and cared for – you might materialize an inheritance! So how do you change unhealthy patterns and increase your allowing frequency? First…receive compliments well! Then…

Begin doing a few ‘pulse checks’ throughout the day asking yourself…‘where are my thoughts right now? Am I expecting something good (or bad) to happen regarding XYZ situation? Do I believe that things always work out for me?

Next,  assess how you care for and respect yourself. And repeat after me…“The way you treat yourself is the way the world treats you”.   If you don’t make yourself a priority (your health, your goals, self care for example) or don’t set good boundaries with your time, don’t feel worthy, or constantly criticize yourself, you are sending out a vibration to the universe to mirror these things back to you!   (More demands on your time! People who get on your nerves! More problems!) You can block a desired intention simply because you may not feel entitled to it, don’t believe it is possible for you, or don’t want the changes it may bring.

Start with imagining what you believe IS possible for you. Can you see yourself slim and in a gorgeous blue blouse feeling confident and happy? Can you visualize yourself with a partner who treats you with respect and affection? Can you see yourself enjoying weekends at a vacation home at the beach? Note that I didn’t ask you if you could afford the beach house or if you were a real estate mogul. But CAN YOU SEE YOURSELF having, doing, and being in any of your desired situations?

“The mind is the builder,” said Edgar Cayce, one of the greatest mystics and wisdom teachers of all time. If you can see it in the mind, you increase the odds of achieving it in real life because it’s how you’re focusing your vibration on the ‘idea’ that causes energy to materialize. And EVERYTHING is energy before it becomes tangible in our daily life. So whether you are focusing on allowing ‘more of the good’ or focusing on ‘everything that is not working in your life’ – either way, you’ll get more of the same. By the way, did I mention that you look GREAT today!?


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