October 2017-The Awakening of Change

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Change the Way You Look at Things

Welcome to the October edition of Conscious Shift Magazine.  This month we venture in to possibility with a Conscious conversation about Change…

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At the beginning of this year, Conscious Shift Magazine dedicated its February issue to Embracing Change and the magic it brings.  Eight months later, and a year filled with so much change I can’t even remember and still I say, change is magical. Even if it doesn’t feel or look that way.

First things first. Let’s all stop, breath and change the way we look at, and think about the things changing in our world. Instead of seeing the world as disassembling let’s see it as healing. Instead of thinking that the world is falling apart see the world as coming into alignment for the greater good. Let’s all be here right now, and understand that change is positive and awakening. Everything from weather, government, environmental awareness, monetary institutions, industry, religion and more. All things are, right now Awakening to Change. A change that has been requested by our collective consciousness.  A change that has been in the works since before we even existed.

It’s important to remember that change is not always easy or smooth even when divinely purposeful, but it’s always worth it. Remember the story of the butterfly from back in February?  The worm that thinks it is dying when it becomes encased by a cocoon tomb only to be released months later as an angelic colorful butterfly.  Well that’s the kind of change we are experiencing right now. A transformation that is creating colorful angelic wings of possibilities. We no longer need to navigate the “in-between” of change. Instead know that we are building wings that will allow us to fly in the realization of that navigation.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of Awakening to Change.





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