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What if I told you that a map exists that would show you precisely how to live a life that is balanced, orderly and fulfilling, and that all you have to do is to follow that map to experience a consistent sense of well-being?

Well, such a map does exist and it has for over 3,000 years.  It is called the Bagua Map and it is a vital part of the practice of the ancient Chinese art of placement called Feng Shui.  Thousands of people around the planet use the Bagua Map every day to design their outer environment for the purpose of drawing to them the specific energies they need to feel fully and peacefully in balance in their living and working spaces.  But few realize that they can use the same system to achieve “Internal Feng Shui” for the purpose of attaining a deep, inner sense of balance as well.

Life is intoxicating and we tend to get mindlessly caught up in it, putting out fires, and answering calls for help which keep us pumping adrenalin much of the time.  Whenever our security is threatened, our health is endangered, our relationships are in trouble or we’re in Spiritual crisis, we tend to focus our attention only on that most “needy” area of our life experience and in turn, we neglect everything else.  And when that happens, everything gets skewed out of proportion. Then, when the crisis is over, we feel exhausted, overwhelmed and even lost.

The Balance Box is a tool that can help us avoid getting into that place of imbalance in the first place, but even if we forget to follow it, we can use it to quickly regain our sense of balance when our crisis time is over.

A Balance Box is a simple square or rectangular box, divided into nine equal sections – much like a tic-tac-toe board.

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The center square represents our consistent Source of energy and supply.  People call that Source many things – God, First Force, The Grid, The Matrix,The One, etc. I call it The ELF – or the Eternal Life Force.  Every activity of life that we experience in one or more of the outer squares is fueled and serviced and made possible, only through the grace of the Creator and Sustainer of all Life, which gives us our vital, internal balance.

The other nine areas are also essential to our well-being, however, for the following reasons:

  • Wealth represents the energy of money and substance that we gather to us for our security and pleasure.
  • Fame represents the individual need within each of us to achieve those things that deeply matter to us
  • Love represents our relationships to others, both on a personal basis and as co-inhabitants of a common planet.
  • Creativity represents the expression of our individual talents and joys
  • Helpful People acknowledge our connectivity to other souls as helpers and supporters for us, and us for them.
  • Life Path illustrates whatever we are doing to express life in the NOW moment with a look back in gratitude for the past and a look forward in hope for the future.
  • Spirituality represents our intention to remain awake to the deep personal guidance that is available to us from beyond our physical selves
  • Health represents the vital need to care for and feed our bodies.

Each area of the Bagua map is of equal importance and each one requires an equal portion of our attention at all times.  When any one or two are ignored, our general sense of well being is compromised.  Our sense of balance is violated.

A fun and really helpful use your Bagua Map is to help you create a meaningful Vision Board, to remind you of what you wish to achieve in each individual area.  Just as you would on other kind of Vision Board, you will place in each of the sections of your Balance Box a few visual representatives of your immediate goals for that area. It is best to limit the “pictures” of what you want to achieve in each area to three or four or else the process can become overwhelming instead of reassuring.

You may create the Bagua Map on a poster board and paste pictures into each of the 10 sections.  I personally prefer to use a cork board, which I section off with tape or ribbon and apply the pictures with push pins.  If you become dedicated to using your Bagua Map to achieve internal balance, you may paint the square or rectangle on your wall in a color that matches your décor using magnetic paint.  Then section off the nine areas with tape and apply your pictures with magnets.

Be sure to build your map in a place where you can see it every day so that you remain fully aware of what is going on in each of the areas at all times.  If you notice that you have become “too busy” for several days to take steps to keep yourself healthy, reviewing the “Health” section of your Bagua will remind you to take time at least to do some deep breathing, maybe shift your diet a little away from the fast food chain, and perhaps arrange to get an extra hour of sleep.  If you’re trying to do too many things alone, passing by the “Helpful People” section will remind you to do some delegating.

Allow the map to help you stay in balance and you will find yourself growing in happiness and self-satisfaction every day.





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