The Beauty Around Us

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The Flow of Life


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I am fortunate in the fact that my wife and I grow flowers for a living. I never thought I would be a farmer, let alone a flower farmer, but that’s what we do. The interesting thing about flowers is that when we deliver them to businesses or homes, everyone speaks of their beauty. But as I have learned there is much more to flowers than their beauty.

When we begin planting in the spring, it’s not uncommon to hear one of us say to the plant, “You will make someone so happy.” Or “You are going to be a beautiful flower, that someone will just love in their bridal bouquet.” What does this have to do with being awake to the world around us? Everything!

If we believe that everything around us is energy, then this energy is affected by our reactions to the energy. Science has proven that if we speak kindly to our houseplants they will thrive. Conversely, speaking harshly to anything or anyone, will diminish their desire to flourish. It really makes no difference if we speak to our houseplants, our pets, those around us or even ourselves, the energy of our kindness will have a positive affect on growth and development.

The critical piece of this puzzle is to accept that we are all connected through the energy that has created all you can see and beyond. To accept this powerful statement, and then to live through this belief, is to be Awake. Awake to the fact that what we think, how speak, and the way we act, will have an effect that ripples out around us far beyond what we see in the physical world. This is the energy that cause flowers to bloom in full beauty or someone to sing without fear or hesitation.

Being awake is also accepting we have a responsibility to maintain our physical and emotional health, not just for ourselves, but for all those we come in contact with throughout our day. It doesn’t end there. As a farmer of flowers, I have to be respectful of the soil, the water and the plants themselves. I believe I am awake to the needs of the environment I work with every day.

One of the beautiful things about growing flowers is the microcosm created within the garden. I have come to accept we not only grow flowers for their beauty, we grow flowers for the birds, the bees, hummingbird moths, worms and many more creatures we don’t see. So when we become awake to the world around us we realize we have a deeper impact on those, (plants and animals), than we once thought. Our thoughts, actions and behavioral patterns can create abundance for many or not. It is all a matter of if we are awake.

When the flowers begin to bloom in mid-summer, we pick some every day to maintain the blooming cycle. It is here where my wife and I enjoy the show. As with planting, we speak kind words to the flowers as we pick them. “You are a beautiful flower, and you will make someone so happy with your beauty.” Yes, this sounds crazy, but what we have noticed is that when we speak in the garden this way, the flowers light up for us. It is no different than praising your child, your spouse or your dog. The energy of the praise is felt by the object of your attention, and they appreciate the positive energy flowing towards them. For me, the flowers light up brighter than before I started showing them my appreciation.

How can we use this in our everyday lives? It is important for us to realize to be truly awake is to accept that all people, plants, animals and the planet we live on, have been created out of the same energy. In other words, we are all one, there is no us or them, only us. The next time you are around flowers, your pet or another person, express your appreciation for them, and see how they light up for you. Then you will know you are awake to the beauty around us.







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