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Letting Go of Fear


November 2020 The Boxer by Paul Hudon

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When I think about the past year, I am reminded of the stance of a boxer—hands up, fists clenched ready to defeat any aggression. Is this the posture we have taken this year, as we work to keep the uncontrollable at arm’s length? But is this stance keeping good things from entering our lives as well? When we shutdown emotionally as a way to protect ourselves, don’t we close ourselves off to the endless flow of positive possibilities?

It may be a challenge to open our heart in a world full of challenges, but what are the options? The attitude of the fighter is a defensive mindset, blocking anything that comes along. Is this how we want to go through life? If we create our reality by the thoughts we think, wouldn’t it be best to allow our love to flow?

Think of our attitude as tossing a pebble into a pond. As the ripples fan out, we can see how this energy impacts all those who inhabit the pond. Whether the inhabitants want to feel this energy or not, they experience it anyway. The energy of our thoughts, words, and actions work the same way.

One of the things I have learned this year, is that I know little of what is going on in another person’s life. Another thing is that I don’t have to add their uncertainty by being aggressive, rude, or defensive. If I am willing to drop my clenched fists, and relax my posture, I can allow the love that is in my heart to radiate out to the world.

This shift in consciousness allows me to accept that, given what we are going through, everyone is doing the best they can, including myself.

I have learned I have little control over what life is teaching me, all I can do is control my reactions to these lessons. The measure of a person in not how many times they fall down, but how many times they stand up. If my heart is filled with love, then the tough lessons of this year, and life in general, will strengthen my resolve to get back up, and be a more kind and loving person.

What would happen if we as a collective group of people, were to step away from our fighter stance and open our heart to embrace the joy and inspiration that can be found within each of us? Would this allow us to express our love for each other? Those who disagree with us are as committed to their beliefs as we are to ours. Each of us may have a valid point of view, but as long as we are ready to fight for our beliefs, no common ground will ever be reached.

When we focus on what unites us, instead of what divides us, we will begin to see reasons to be more loving. If those who view the world differently than we do choose to remain in their place of comfort, we can move forward to shift our own consciousness to one that is kind and compassionate. This way we clear the path for the day when our loving heart is the energy that all people experience.

Looking at the posture of the fighter, the clenched fists can be seen as our own emotional blocks that prevent love from flowing to us. If we were to put down our fists would we be able to experience the love and joy that is all around us? This would ask us to shift our focus away from what we fear and welcome that which radiates love.

How often do we fail to realize the choices we have between being kind and loving, and the boxer mindset?

As we look across the landscape of our lives, we may be able to recognize times when being more compassionate and understanding helped the situation. With this awareness we can shift our focus away from what is, and life’s challenges, to create a world that is in harmony with our positive shift in consciousness.

The choice is ours. Focus on how this year may have knocked us down, or have the courage to get back up and face the new day with an outstretched hand of kindness and an open, loving heart.











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