The Center of The Universe

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Your Are The Epicenter…The Light of Your Creative Splendor

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You are the center of the universe. Can you stand it? To be at the center of everything? The main event? The vibrating force—as in “AUUMMM, here I am in the light of my creative splendor”?

Yeah, sounds pretty impressive, and perhaps tinged by a hefty dose of egocentrism. Not really. Life begins and ends with you. You are the bottom line for yourself, and the only starting line. Where else could your life be? You can’t body jump and claim it wasn’t you but someone using your body…although there are those who might make a case for possession of this sort.

You are a sacred starting point. Can you imagine that you emanate from a sacred, or a profane, outside of you?  Can you start outside of yourself? That’s too bizarre to contemplate. So know that the fountain is within. You don’t need to search the heavens looking. From right where you are declare squarely that HE/SHE/IT is here, infinitely closer than you can imagine, and with you big time. I mean BIG TIME—and it’s an inside game. This is the eternal kicker that will thrill the pants off you. You ain’t got to run anywhere (including ‘holy places’) for anyone to know that the Divine is in you, with you, of you, and speaks as you. You are a brilliant epicenter of creation of any world-changing idea imaginable. You own this.

Don’t let anyone ever convince you that that which is lovely, pure, powerful, giving, resourceful, all nice, all spice, and definitely alright is not fully invested in you and flowing out of you into life. Therefore, those with ears, eyes and a righteous heart must acknowledge what you eternally are. Forget about your human history. Forget about whatever sad, sordid, sickly, and stupid identities that have ever been affixed to you. Claim yourself.

Please don’t delay. Get on your horse, your bicycle, your skateboard, your phone and your Instagram and Snapchat and share the guts out of yourself. You are chockful of royalty and rainbows, stories and stupendiums, emotions and emojis, highlights and hiccups, and dances and dynamisms to share. In fact, there isn’t a greater story going on in the universe than you. The most mind-boggling spaceship with dazzlingly stunning beings could land in Central Park in New York City, and your news would be just as amazing, just as world-shattering, as if you were sashaying down the runway of the stars of the universe—though you could be simply strolling on the Atlantic Beach sands minding your own business.

The point is, the eyes of the Universe are always on you, even when you think you are not noticed, will never be, and why me, anyway. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Every thought and every breath you take ripples out and connects with and is felt by whatever is around you in physical space, quantum space, and consciousness. Know that you are the center of a universe called You and of absolutely everything conceivable out there. Enjoy the show, you’re the star.

If we just let the holy fact of the multidimensional universe and the infinite number of epicenters (each of us) that are touching and affecting every other epicenter be recognized, then wouldn’t that forever establish a level playing field of Deity? Wouldn’t that give us a right sense of who we are and of everyone else out there? Wouldn’t each of our acts then be of such conscious significance to create the awareness of the breathtaking radiance of heaven on earth now?

About the Author:  Mark Degange is a  humanitarian, and spiritual teacher who had a life-changing awakening to divine love during meditation years ago. He has since been exploring and integrating this love in his daily life and practice. To learn more about mark visit

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