The Chatter that Matters

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The Chatter that Matters by Margaret Martin


March 2021About the book– A small book with a powerful impact. Dale Carnegie, the famous motivational speaker whose work has constructively changed the lives of many thousands of people, is often quoted as saying, “You are what you think about”, and with that phrase, he awakened us to realize the amount of control over our life experience that we give entirely to what we think. But knowing that our minds are often out of control, only poses the question, “How do we begin to manage what we think” The Chatter That Matters reveals the power of the endless Mind Chatter that consumes us all, and offers us tools to use to pick and choose our trains of thought constructively.



About the Author: Margaret Martin

41sgyj6V91L._SX80_Once I discovered that I was creating a speech / presentation and book on the topic of the power of your words, I think I then became a pregnant elephant who carries their baby for several years. It came down to the fact that I had to listen to my own message about letting go of the negative mind chatter and believe that this book was meant to be – and I am only the messenger.

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