The Consciousness Grid

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Aligning with You

January 2021 Consciousness

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I have been asked multiple times over the last year about the universal consciousness grid that encapsulates theEarth. Through my work using Shamanic healing technique, my relationship with Mother Gaia is a unique and sacred thing that nudges me forward, even at the most difficult of times.  This relationship, cultivated over many years, has made me see the beauty in our planet in a way that I could never have imagined possible.

Initially, through channeling with my guides, I came to understand that although we each have our own auric field, completely personal to us, the Earth has its own field that supports the ascension of everyone. Even more spectacular than that, I believe that the grid stores each and everyone’s thoughts, ideas, dreams, wishes and desires. To obtain council of any sort, all one must do is breathe, go inward, and call upon their Higher Selves to access this sacred information.

Our ascension as a species is an ever evolving, rotating circle of experiences that seem left to chance, but may very well be encoded in the grid that brings us our  consciousness. If we are indeed the only ones that create our reality, it stands to reason that this is so.

The belief that our thoughts create our reality could not be more  accurate.

As we control what gets encoded in the grid, we also leave imprints that foster future generations, just as our own personal auric fields leave imprints for our own lineage, aptly termed generational karma.

The understanding of this multifaceted sphere of creation and experience leave us better able to comprehend the symbiotic twists and turns that the Earth and each sentient being plays a part of. Each codependent on each other in so many small ways.

Mother Earth holding our weight and simultaneously regenerating at the same time.  As we prepare for further ascension, it is useful to remember to thank Mother Gaia for  supporting us as we collectively continue to reach higher in the ethers to pull and leave imprints that benefit humanity, both now and in the days to come.

 Article by  Maggie Janovski: Maggie is an intuitive channel and healerShe has studied holistic healing as well as Shamanic healing and has been published through the conscious community OHOE. To learn more about Maggie visit White Willow Holistic.
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