The Contrast of Happiness

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A  Conversation about Navigating the In-Between 

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People think that a happy and spiritually mature life is nothing but gliding in clouds, dizzy with happiness. That, of course, is not true. A happy life has contradictions which give the possibility to strengthen and confirm yourselves, your state, and what you really want. Even though the world is full of contradictions, the world goes on anyhow, for how the individual experiences contradictions and how he relates to them, changes everything. Happiness is shown in how the individual sees his own condition and shows it to others as well. Happiness is a different state to everyone because people are very individual. Happiness also manifests itself every moment in its own way.

Happiness is to feel that your life is meaningful. It is also that your life is pleasant. You can open your eyes in the morning happy to wake up in your own bed and to be alive when everything is still slumbering around you, your mind still partly wondering in the borderland of sleep. You can be happy when you are stepping onto a bus or train and getting a seat when you are tired. You can be happy by the bedside of someone dear when he is leaving life and will never more be concretely present in a visible form. When you know you are losing someone dear to you but at the same time with growing grief, tears and longing, you can be happy he is going to freedom, and his pains are ending. Happiness is like life itself, always new, always changing, and always to be found. It is only about whether man opens himself up to life, surrendering to it; or whether he closes himself from life — in which case it comes across as an enemy. When you open up to life, life unfolds as a friend, and you can see how life carries on. If man’s way of thinking is loving, he can see what is good and positive in everything. Then the mind is freed, balance is regained, the energy field becomes sound, and man can be happy.

No matter how people or conditions are, you stay happy for you can see the issue from a wider perspective. You can reconsider it and either discard it or take action to change the issue. After a while, you can notice in gratitude that it has served you and has taken you forward. Think about the thoughts running inside you and whether they are in accordance with your needs, wants, and aspirations. Change them if they do not serve you in that moment. Especially, transform every self-belittling thought into a possibility, and always see the issue already realized in your imagination. Everything you focus your mind on will increase in your life, for when you repeat things in your mind, you work unconsciously. Then, it is practicing in its own way. The entire life is practice and working with the mind. When it is conscious, you can use your mind; when it is unconscious, outside impulses will trigger states and then the mind is using you. Man can be happy underneath it all, no matter what the conditions are like.

Man can be stiff with anger and be very happy at the same time, for he can feel great happiness noticing he can defend himself. A person who has behaved like a doormat in the hall letting everybody walk all over him may wake up one day for he does not want to be a doormat anymore. Then anger, this resource, is rising in him. He may then be angry with himself because he allowed himself to be trampled on by others. He may also be angry with the people who walked all over him. He may be angry with the state, everything, and he does not even really know what he is angry about. He is just very angry and is telling people to move over and make way in order to get out of there. Simultaneously, he can be very happy when everybody is giving way and when he is walking out of the hall, happy he was able to do it.

When you can face your own hate, you can recognize your own love. You cannot know the one unless you know the other, for they are the same entity. When you face your own darkness, you can face the light out of which darkness was born. For behind darkness, there is always light.  Reality, truth, and honesty live in the middle of darkness and light and hate and love.


Article by– Hanni Salovaara is from Finland and has a Master of Arts degree in Education. Her main passion, however, is spiritual growth and happiness through self-transformation. To learn more about Hanni visit her at



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