The End Goal of Meditation

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Building a Relationship with You


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Even in your most challenging times, and those moments when you feel your strength is gone – the answers are with you. We all came here fully prepared. There is no such thing as a ‘Divine Mistake’ – you were not given perceived limitations so they could stop you. You were granted such things so they could strengthen you.

Right now, you are both prepared to survive and prepared to thrive. The way you unleash what’s going to take you where you want to go is by freeing your mind.

Solutions to the issues that make us feel weighted down are a simple matter of allowing the answers to flow to us, and then cooperating with our higher selves in order to give these answers a physical manifestation. These answers you seek can come to you in silence. If you feel pressured at the thought of meditation, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be for you, how it seems to be for everyone else. If you struggle to clear your mind, don’t worry about doing so. If you can’t get deep breaths or do not care to count them, no pressure.

The *End* goal of meditation is a clear head and calm state – the journey to it does not need to be picture perfect.

I “meditate” by sitting alone in silence, and letting my thoughts and feelings rise up as they need to. Then, if anything needs to be healed, I follow a fluid regimen. Meditation is a healing practice. In essence, you are striving to care for and heal your mind – which cannot truly be separated from your emotions.

In this regimen – my personal meditation practice – I sit in silence with my body relaxed and if any conflicting thoughts or feelings rise, I do the following: I tell myself that I am allowed to feel the way I do, that it is human nature to feel whatever range of troubling, and complex feelings I have, that I am not superior or inferior for anything that I feel – feelings just are and I cannot control them. I embrace all my feelings and myself, and I shower myself with compassion. After this, I find that my space is cleared and I am more balanced. I find myself free of any heavy burdens I carried. I can think about things more objectively, and I feel more capable.

This is when solutions tend to rear their heads – when there is nothing else blocking their sprout. I do no other rituals in effort to maintain a meditation practice; I allow myself to freely be. I am able to remain present and positive in my daily life as a result – the sought after benefits of the practice itself. I do this daily, and by practicing with such strong/regular discipline, I do find that the length of time it takes me to feel clear or let go gets shorter. You can start and stop when you need to, do it daily or simply as you deem necessary. Remember this is personal.

You must trust in the answers you find in your silence. Trust in them, and trust yourself. It’s a human instinct we have – to worry about what others are doing, what they could think of your life and decisions. But the way forward is to control this and focus on yourself. You are the universe. All by yourself. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. The ‘world’ is truly yours.

Your journey, wherever it is that you’re going, is a very personal one. No one can tell you what to do – it’s not their business anyway. It’s between you and Source.






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