Aligning With Fortitude

There have been some powerful F Words floating around my consciousness recently. Suddenly Fortitude has become my favorite word for what I need right now.

I usually will check in with myself to see what special frequencies I need to bring into my energy field at any given moment. This practice gives me more awareness so I can pray and create intentions that would bring more of that energetic requirement into my life. It’s important that I recognize those needs that sustain and nourish me so I can be more resourceful.

Fortitude as a concept is one I have never considered as a powerful tool for life in the world until recently. Archangel Gabriel has always used somewhat old-fashioned phrases and terminology in the teachings I have been receiving from him since 1990. Fortitude fits into the genre. The dictionary describes Fortitude as “Courage or strength of mind in the face of pain, danger or adversity.”

Fortitude is a power that provides not only Courage and Strength but the ability to keep on keeping on in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.

Which brings up another important F word for our time, Faith. In all of the turning points in my life the past 40 years, I have used different oracles to inspire and refine my attitudes about what I am facing. The ancient Celtic system of Runes provided me with such a powerful teaching when my life was disintegrating in 1999, that I still remember it to this day. It said, “Rely therefore on radical Trust, even if it means leaping empty-handed into the void.”

I have received that same rune at other important choice points since then, and it always strikes me so powerfully that I have to surrender to that which Life has brought to me. This message spurs me to recognize that whatever is going on in my outer world is not mine to work out or find solutions to. I am forced to admit that the most resourceful thing I can do is to offer all that I am facing over to the Divine working in my life.

That is truly what Faith is. As we believe in that which cannot be seen, we stand in the unwavering Faith that God is working in and through all that we are doing in every moment, no matter what.

In short, Radical Trust is knowing that the Universe has our backs in perfect Divine support.

I received a powerful teaching in 2012 when Archangel Gabriel gave me a message about life as the River of all Creation. We begin to thrive when we remember to have Faith that there is a never-faltering energy that flows from Source, carrying with it all that we need in any given moment. Our job is to step into the Flow of the sacred River.

So this brings me to my final potent F word for this time – Flow. I am learning to allow the Flow of God’s Grace to be part of my daily life. The flowing presence of Divine energy, in which we live, move and have our being, is with us at all times. Sometimes we are like the fish that does not remember that it is swimming in the ocean of all Creation. The Divine Presence is always there, around and within us. When I can be present and have Radical Trust that this Divine Flow is working in my life, my Faith and Fortitude are increased exponentially.

Recognizing the presence of this never-ending Flow of Divinity working through me brings more Meaning and Purpose into every area of my life.






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