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Do you know how magnificent you are?  The human form intertwined with spirit has capabilities beyond understanding.  We have the power to alchemize our physical bodies into whatever we choose with our thoughts.  Our minds are like a movie screen reflecting our desired roles.  Envision a movie where the main character was a superhero.  For me, the superhero has always been Yoda.  Yoda is known for his legendary wisdom and mastery of force and skill.  Many factors are endured throughout our lives that lead us to our starring role in our own production.  They are a combination of life events from birth which creates the dance that sways us back and forth from our own perceptions.

Let’s take athletes as an example.  Most find their calling at a young age.  They have the tools and teachers at their disposal.  They are taught that if they put in the hard work and keep the passion alive, they will thrive. They are like Jedi Masters who have the deepest COMMITMENT and the most serious mind.  They have incorporated visualization as part of their training and are patient as they must unlearn what they have learned.  Physical and mental training go hand and hand.  What the mind BELIEVES, it can achieve.  Certainly so, but there is also an aspect of FAITH and TRUST.  Athletes know what their goal is, which is their primary focus.  They are set up with a proper training program that will carve their bodies into the form that will help them excel at their sport.  They train with the utmost vigor and tenacity to achieve this goal which increases their energy.  They VISUALIZE their performance and FEEL the victory before the actual event.  They BELIEVE they are already a champion and trust they have put in the HARD WORK to achieve their success.  In the end, even if they do not win, they know that they have followed the right step and are happy with the results.  They were their own directors in their final screenplay.  Their conscious is free of any doubts and they can move forward and change their plot if they so choose.

Now, not all of us are blessed with a genetic disposition as some may be, but the process is at our disposal.  We may not have a coach to implement a plan for us, but we have our own mind and IMAGINATION.  Decide what it is that you wish to accomplish.  Let’s take a prime example of losing 10 pounds for summer.  How would that make you feel?  Pretty damn good I would imagine.  Imagine how you would look and feel in that beautiful white strapless dress.  Look at your arms, they are toned and bronzed!  Your friends compliment you and your confidence is up a notch.  You walk down the street feeling the warm breeze and sun on your skin.  You feel radiant.  That was the first step.  You visualized and felt your goal. I used the example of losing 10 pounds because it is a goal I hear so often.  But remember, size matters not.  Take a look at Yoda whose legendary quote says it all.  “Size matters not, look at me.  Judge me by size do you?”

Now how are you going to start the process?  How about starting with a MANTRA every morning when you wake up.  “I feel strong, confident and love how I feel in my clothes,” or perhaps it is a mantra which eludes the old thinking process into sheer determination.  “DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY.” I love this legendary Yoda quote!  Next, choose the activity you wish to participate in.  It could be yoga, weight training, running or changing your eating patterns.  Pick up inspirational pictures and post them everywhere.  Every bit of visualization helps you accelerate the process.  Look at the picture and say the mantra every chance you get.  The mind cannot differentiate what is real and not.  If you think it, you believe it, so you might as well focus on the mind blowing positive stuff!  It starts with mind and snowballs from there.  Find a group who shares your vision because the more people you include in your movie, the more you and others will get out of it.  Yes, you can then help others change the way they think too.  Be your own guru of personal growth, discipline and spiritual learning.  You are the creator of your own movie, so why don’t you change the plot?





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