The Gift of Change

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Change Creates Growth and Healing On a Cellular Level


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Change is eternal.  Change is the catalyst of personal growth.  It provides ways for us to look at ourselves with honesty and to focus on who we are becoming.  I believe the opportunity to change and grow is the reason for being in this world.  Change is a gift.  It is thought evolution.

We are as we think.  As we change and expand our consciousness, we become aware that our thoughts create our reality.  The nature of the mind is motion.  The nature of the physical is change.  The conscious mind chooses honesty which unlocks our will power and motivates us to continually reach for new experiences, and new ways to see and understand old experiences.  When we think differently, we begin to transform through deeper understanding.  It’s less about what we are doing and more about who we are becoming.

When we look for the good in every situation and choose positive thinking over negative thinking, we become happier.  Positive feelings keep communication lines open to Infinite Energy which fuels body, mind and spirit allowing unity to replace separation.  When we realize our true value and share it with those around us, we attract prosperity and abundance in own lives.  As we change ourselves, those around us also change.

When we think in lack or limitation we become weak willed and believe in the illusion of separation.  We compare ourselves with others and think we’re not good enough.  We look outside of ourselves for validation.  We create fear which is imagining what we don’t want to occur.  Fear causes us to react emotionally and physically.  We often run away or hide from life, avoiding connection with the rest of humankind.  When we can honestly face our perceived fears, we become free to transform; free to connect with the world around us.

Emotions help us to cause change within ourselves.  Strong emotions cement experiences into memory.   Feelings are the physical sensations attached to emotions.  The effect emotions have on our lives and the effect feelings have on the physiology in our bodies is directly proportional to their strength.  The intensity adjusts the energy flow and is determined by the polarity of our thinking.  We are conditioned to think in opposites which can help us to see a bigger picture from different perspectives.  Sometimes, however, we get stuck in polarity – in one extreme or another.  When we learn to harmonize and to forgive others and ourselves, we are changed.  Harmony and forgiveness don’t change the situation, they change us.  We forgive for our sake because we understand the Law of Karma – we reap what we sow.

Our imagination reflects our ability to transform.  Healing is using our ability to imagine something different, something greater, something whole.  Healing is harmonious change in the state of consciousness; harmony in the inner and outer bodies.   We heal from the inside out.

There is great power in the mind-body connection.  As a Chiropractor, I believe that the power that made the body can heal the body.  I believe in the chiropractic adjustment which releases innate healing and restores proper function and movement.  I also believe that thought is cause; there is power in our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.  Wholeness is created by aligning the body and the mind, connecting the inner to the outer.  Smooth, uninterrupted energy flow through the mind allows the body to perform rhythmically, in perfect synchronization.  The human body changes daily and we can consciously affect that change.  Breathing deeply and meditating are ways to cause change in the body.  Electrical and chemical production is altered as we draw in the cosmic energy by breathing deeply.   As we meditate, we strengthen the physical body’s life force affecting its molecules, atoms and photons.

Resistance to change creates dis-ease.  Dis-ease is an interruption in the flow of energy in the body.  As I learn more about energy, I see how the chiropractic adjustment which eliminates nervous system interference, is releasing energy.  When the nervous system is not allowed to fully express, organ function and movement is altered or impeded.   We begin to experience physical symptoms when energy is interrupted or becomes stagnant.  Resistance allows us to recognize limitations in our thinking and, as we replace unproductive or limiting thoughts with productive and expansive thoughts, we increase energy flow thus healing the body.  It is more effective to harmonize and transform dis-ease than to fight it.

Whatever we want others to be, we must be that ourselves.   As we transform and heal, those around us do the same.  It’s a gift.





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