The Gifts of Grief:Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss

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 The Gifts of Grief:Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss By Therese Tappouni


About The Book- At some point in our lives, we all experience grief:The death of a loved one, a financial catastrophe, a debilitating illness, or the ending of a marriage. In the dark moments that follow these losses, life can seem hopeless and unbearable.

In “The Gifts of Grief”, Therèse shares compassionate tools that guide anyone safely through their grieving and into their healing. With personal and professional wisdom, she teaches the reader not only to overcome grief but also to discover the gifts—and meaning—that await each of us on this deeply personal journey.

 “The Gifts of Grief” is beautiful and moving. I worked with Therèse when she provided her poetic interpretations of my music for the recent CD release “Tapestry”, and quickly learned what an exceptional writer she is. A kindred spirit, I feel Therèse addresses the same quality my music does. I do not try to analyze my music, other than that it is from the heart, for the heart. Therèse’s writing does this effortlessly and we all benefit from her wonderful talent of unearthing so beautifully the ways of the heart.”


Therese T April 2015Meet the Author – Therese was born and raised in the Midwest by an entrepreneur father and a homemaker mother, the second child of six. She was surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins as she grew. The family moved to Florida when she was entering her senior year in high school—a move that changed her life. Her new home was like a foreign country in landscape, attitude and, particularly, lack of old friends and family ties. That move formed her desire to recreate family wherever she lived. She attended the University of Florida briefly before marrying her college sweetheart and building a home and family of her own. Having six children in the local school system drove her community spirit, and she acted as a school-community coordinator for a government program as the South lurched into the 70s. For more info about Therese CLICK HERE

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