The Grand Cross and Change

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© mozzyb - jpgIn Astrology, this past month of April is one that many professional astrologers have been discussing for years because it is such a unique and substantial pattern of planets.  We are currently experiencing a Grand Cross pattern in the heavens which was exact in degree on April 22nd, 2014.   Many predictions were made about what this particular lineup of planets would bring to the United States and to the world, as well as to all of us personally.  The reason for the astrological buzz is that we have three heavy hitting outer planets (Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto) and Mars (the planet of accidents, sexuality, aggression,  new beginnings, our physical energy, inflammation, anger, etc.) all in a Grand Cross square pattern.  This means all four planets are in positions to create four squares and two oppositions all at the same time in our charts.  And three of those planets, being heavy hitting outer planets, affect us collectively and also bring big changes personally.  We’ve also had Saturn (planet of our commitment, careers, structure) and Mars (an active personal planet), both retrograde during this time.   So many people have been reassessing their careers, their commitments (relationship and business), the entire structure of their daily lives, during these retrogrades.  Phew!  That’s enough to make anyone have some huge changes and surprises in their life!

The Grand Cross is happening, as all astrological squares and oppositions do, to push us out of our comfort zone.  Squares between planets bring changes in our lives by presenting challenges to push us beyond our comfort zone or to make us more aware of the need for change.  Oppositions between two planets challenge us too but also bring in opportunities, choices, and important people into our lives.  So you can imagine what four squares and two oppositions at the same time would do to a person and to the world collectively as this Grand Cross happens.  It definitely brings change!

The Grand Cross effect was not only felt on April 22nd  itself, but in the weeks leading up to it and the weeks moving past it.  Where the planets fall in your birth chart and what birth planets they aspect will dictate how you experienced these challenges and if at all.  If you’ve been conscious, you’ve probably noticed many big changes going on in people’s lives.  The important thing to remember during this challenging time is that these changes are trying to bring to our awareness things that need to be reworked, to be discarded, to be discovered and met head on, as we reassess our lives with the retrogrades of Saturn and Mars.  As we move into Mars going direct on May 19th and Saturn going direct on July 20th, the changes, and our new initiatives that change brings, should begin to take shape and move forward this summer.  Try to focus less on what you’ve lost and keep your eye on the good things to come as you move into your own new beginnings.





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