The Importance of Being Mindful and How to Begin.

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© Martinan – Fotolia

I grazed a car with my tire as I pulled up to my daughter’s school this morning. Let me set up the preceding scene for you:

Me driving. Slight grin on my face. My daughter in the back seat chatting a mile a minute, following one train of thought after another. I find her stories refreshing and her insights frequently random and occasionally brilliant.


“Mommy, am I talking too much? Sorry, I feel like I’m talking too much.”

“No, Honey, the time to worry about that is if another person would like to say something.”

“Mommy, do you want to say something?”

“No, not now. Thanks for asking.”

Continuation of the verbalization of a seven-year old’s mind. Bigger grin on my face as I pull into the spot and hear a ‘CRUNCH’ sound.

Ahhh, the importance of being mindful. As evidenced by the tire marks on the other fender, I was not in the utmost mindful state. It dawned on me that I was distracted by a pleasant interaction and not one of the (it comes with the territory) whining and ensuing argument that pops into every parent/child relationship. This is probably why I am not upset concerning the occurrence. (I’m having her car washed and fender buffed as I write this. Simple solution.)

The idea of being mindful is not recent. Buddhism has encouraged this practice for thousands of years. Being mindful enhances our over-all mental, emotional, and physical health.  How does one enhance their mindfulness? PAY ATTENTION. In other words, watch where you’re driving. We tend to wallow in our minds and our emotions. When you notice this happening, I invite you to take a deliberate breath and consciously focus on what’s in front of you. Breathe and notice the scene through the windshield. Breathe and observe the trees as you walk. Breathe and feel into the person seated across from you.

Try this Beautiful Energy exercise that will guide you into a mindful state.

1. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2. Look at your surroundings and choose a pleasant object.

3. Really see the object. Continue to breath deeply.

4. Notice the texture. Notice the colors. What do you imagine it feels like?

5. Take one last deep breath and imagine you merge with the object.

How do you feel after the exercise? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

Love, Susan

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