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May 2021

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How often do we put on the same old jacket every time we head outside? Is it because it’s comfortable and familiar to us? Maybe it reminds us of a time long ago and the memories are too strong to replace it, even though the jacket may be old, worn, and outdated.

Is it possible our attitudes affect us the same way? We are comfortable with our beliefs, even though they may not serve us as well as we would like. Our old attitude and beliefs can be just like an old worn jacket. There may come a time when we need to replace them with something better, something that matches who we are today.

One of the issues with buying a new jacket, is finding one that is as comfortable as our old jacket, but looks and feels new. Developing a new attitude can be just as challenging. We have lived with our beliefs and attitudes for many years, but do these old attitudes help us navigate the ever-changing world of today? It’s easy to see if our jacket needs to be replaced, but our attitudes and beliefs are often hidden from view until we have to face a challenge in our lives.

With the way the world has changed over the past few years, we may have to reevaluate how we interact with the world. In a way, we have to re-invent ourselves to better handle the challenges before us. Just as a worn, old jacket won’t protect us from inclement weather, our beliefs may limit the options available to us if we want to move forward in a positive direction.

How do we begin the process of re-inventing ourselves? It begins with clearing away the thoughts and beliefs that do not serve our higher good—the beliefs not founded in love, kindness, and compassion. This can be a challenge because many times we have convinced ourselves that our negative attitude is good for us.

Yet, these false beliefs will keep us from experiencing a new way of seeing, and living in the world.

One of the things we have to remember is that we create our life experience by our thoughts, words, and actions. No matter what is happening around us, our attitude will determine how these events impact our lives. How we react to the world will be based on what we think, and believe. This creates our world.

The challenge then becomes one of shifting away from our old patterns of behavior and welcoming in a new way of thinking. We may find ourselves reaching for an old attitude when we are in need of comfort, just as putting on our old jacket, because it reminds us of who we once were. There is a measure of security in our old patterns, but are these patterns holding us back?

When we look ahead to the life we want to live, and the world we want to be a part of, we must be willing to move away from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that were once comfortable for us. One question to ask ourselves would be, how do we view the world? The way we see the world will be a reflection of the behavioral patterns we share with the world.

Meaning if we are fearful and angry, is there a real reason for our fear, or is our fear re-enforced by our negative self-talk?

As we begin to challenge our limiting beliefs we will see that there may be little truth within them. I’m not saying that at times our fear is not justified, I’m saying that oftentimes our fear may be based on an emotion rooted in the past that has no relevance today. Just like hanging onto an old jacket that has served its purpose, it may be time to discard these old, outdated patterns of thought, and reshape our lives to one that is more current and true.

Often, when we wear our new jacket, those around us may give us a hard time for upgrading our wardrobe. They were comfortable with us as we were, the thought of re-inventing ourselves can have the same effect. Those around us may want us to remain as we were, thereby limiting our desire to change.

If we choose to please others and stay as we were emotionally, we will be hindering our ability to experience the world with fresh eyes. Yet isn’t that how we want the world to see us? Renewed, re-invented, ready to face the challenges of the day? Those challenges are the ones that will be solved with an updated attitude, free from patterns of thought that are old, worn, and outdated.




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