The Life Stream of Pure Consciousness

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september 2015

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We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of  Archangel Gabriel . For this issue, The Gabriel Message invites you to step into the Divine Flow and experience pure consciousness.

The Gabriel Message card for this article: When you dedicate your life to God, you move into the life stream of Pure Consciousness where there are no limitations.
In honor of the continuing powerful energies of this year’s rare triple 8 Lion’s Gateway Activation, I’m inspired to share this amazing #8 message from Archangel Gabriel.

During this potent Lion’s Gateway, we all have been given the opportunity to experience the Life stream of Pure Consciousness. I have been calling it the River of all Creation, because it holds the infinite potential of God. This is the same Divine Light that has been pouring through the portal of the Lion’s Gateway to us.

The Divine Light has been stronger since July 26, but it is good for us all to remember that this loving presence of Divine Love and Wisdom is available any time we align ourselves to the Divine energy in Whom we live, move and have our being.

September 2015

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While we are in the portal of Divine Light, it is a good time for us to set empowered and prayerful intentions for ourselves and for all beings on Earth. For instance:

May all beings awaken to the depth of love and wisdom within their hearts. May all the waters of the world be purified, allowed to be free and find sacred balance. May the trees be honored and respected for the life that they offer us.

May all the world leaders find wisdom and love in their hearts and take care of their responsibilities in Divine and perfect ways. May all the animals be blessed, cared for, and respected for all that they give to the world. May all of humanity live in balance with the Earth.

May we all be blessed with beautiful reminders and live in the flow of Divine Creation!


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