The Meaning of Divine Timing

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December 2014

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The Gabriel Message card: Without Patience you will never understand the meaning of Divine Timing.

I had to laugh when I received this message this week because I was trying to prepare for my Accessing the Wisdom of the Heart class. The insights I was hoping for did not seem to be occurring no matter what amount of effort I was putting into my preparation.

Finally I had to surrender and trust the process. So much so that going for a walk seemed to be the best possible choice for my co-creative practice with the Archangels, yet another demonstration for me that I need to allow the process of Divine Timing to come into play in my world. I had to trust that since I declared my intention to co-create a brilliant, interesting and, of course, superbly practical class that serves each person involved. Judging from the feedback I received, it was at least close to this exalted intention.

Patience is so tricky sometimes. It is often difficult to allow the situation to be as it is and surrender to the process that is afoot. We have just come through a powerful month on Earth where the eclipse cycle knocked us off any egoistic pillar we may have erected in our lives. It seemed so difficult for me to do any detailed work or create new things. However, if I allowed myself the experience, I was able to expand into brilliant, spacious Beingness, especially in Nature. This spaciousness allowed me to move into an expanded perspective, one that did not give me any clear information, but it did provide a lovely experience of being supported and inspired by the beauty in the world. This activity raised my vibrational frequency and allowed me to feel happy and uplifted. It is that frequency that will attract all the good I want to experience.

It seems like having patience is difficult for most people in life. I wonder sometimes if it is just inertia, and we get on a roll and find it hard to stop. I have had times when I wondered if it was even possible for me to slow down because it felt like there was so much to do. Life gets very stressful in those moments.

But how much time does it actually take to slow down enough to breathe a little deeper, to stop for one minute to put my hands on my heart to feel that inner sense of coherence? If I can remember my alignment to Source energy, my whole being changes and I feel so much more connected and grounded. This one-minute process can change our consciousness and bring us back into the wisdom of the heart.

There is no way to encourage Divine Timing to move faster. Allowing yourself to have the patience to breathe more deeply and feel at home in yourself helps you to be more at peace with the situations in front of you and allow benevolent outcomes to unfold.

I love Hatha Yoga. It teaches me about slowing down and allowing, as well as strengthening my body. One of the things that amazes me is what a metaphor yoga is for life. The continuous deeply-connecting breaths I do during a yoga class permeates my being so when I finish the class I am more grounded and patient. Sometimes I have gone to class in a resistant mood, believing I don’t have time to slow down. But within the first 10 minutes or so, my concentration is focused on my breath and allowing my body to stretch quietly and gently. My mind calms down and I feel fully in my body for the first time that day. My whole yoga class becomes a lesson in allowing things to happen without strain. For these reasons, doing an energetic practice like Hatha Yoga, Chi Kung or Tai Chi can be incredibly helpful in these challenging times.

Not surprisingly, I leave class and everything that needs to be done gets done, more easily and with more focus. Or not, but at least I am more allowing of the timing and my mind is not so invested in making things happen. Slowing down my breath and moving more consciously is in harmony with the flow of creative energy. From this place I can allow Divine Timing into every area of my life. Everything becomes more graceful and I am more at ease. Then all is truly well.

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