Origin of the Multi-Dimensional Universes

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Big Bang – The Repressed Emotion of Love (Yin) that Explodes into the Big Bang of Love (Yang) Because of the Need to Share the Accumulated Wisdom of the Previous “Multiverse” 

Our Universe, in its repressed state, is a massive dream state yearning to wake up and share the experience of wisdom accumulated from the previous multiverse experiences.

This awakening is the Big Bang (Yang), where all recorded history is instantly manifested (Yin). It is here where the appearance of duality and consciousness starts the new universal discovery process of the mind, with the subsequent emergence of time and memory or continuity (the mental continuum).

Relativity of Time in All Dimensions (Timelessness) 

The key to understanding timelessness resides in Buddhism’s “All is mind” theory. Our minds are multidimensional “spaceships” that can travel simultaneously through all dimensional planes depending on our state of vibrational awareness.

We are always co-creating virtual universes where we can share traveling experiences with those of similar vibrational consciousness. These states are changing continuously. The travel experiences in the lower dimensional vibrations are, in relative time frames, slower and apparent in the holographic past of our virtual present and futures.

The upper dimensional realms occur virtually in faster timeframes since they exist in more rapid vibrations. Like a clock, our past (hour hands), present (minute hands), and future (second hands) run simultaneously in our time lines as we travel. We must understand there is only one time: timelessness, that depending on the vibrational awareness of the traveler will divide into relative pasts, presents, and futures.

Awareness of Duality Initiates the Learning Process (Classes Begin in the School of Life) 

The Big Bang is the creative force exploding in love with the need to share the accumulated wisdom of the previous multiverse. This initial explosion creates the multiverses in the Yin Matrix, yet it is not until the awareness of duality starts that the final process of learning happens by the discovery and exploration of all the dimensional planes of the universe.

Initially, we live in a virtual state of unawareness until the slower universes start reaching our conscious experiences after our first-time travelers bring back their exploratory reports. Then, the creative discovery process of remembering our initial co-creative experience of the Big Bang starts by waking us up from our dream state.

Deciphering the Hidden Code of Love in our Spiritual DNA (Finding the Light in our Shadows) 

After the more advanced explorers visit all the multiverses and learn by trial and error, they obtain the hidden codes to open the inter-dimensional wormholes of their spiritual holographic DNA. This allows them to develop the skill of instantaneous time travel throughout the virtual multiverses and they become Guardians of the process, ensuring all travelers finish their journey.

The vibrational state of awareness of the travelers creates inter-dimensional barriers that originate from rigid emotional attachments like end/beginning, good/bad, light/darkness, etc. The law of cause and effect rules all dimensions guided by intentional awareness and always rules by the inclusiveness (love-guided) or exclusiveness (selfishness-guided) of the results.

The Lessons of Love (Suffering) Awaken the Bonds of Love in Our Hologram 

The unbreakable bond of love originates from the learning occurrences of trial and error that are initially interpreted as suffering by the emotional distortions promoted by the ego. These eventually transform into lessons of love by the compassion that emanates from the holographic inclusive learning experience.

The Recording of the Holographic Experience Occurs in the Entangled Yin-Yang Chains of the Sacred Code of our DNA – The Origin of our Futures and Timelessness Vision  

The history of our timeless journey is archived in the density of the slower vibrating lower dimensions of the biological realm of matter (Yin matrix). There, free will and trial and error experiences, influenced by the laws of probability and time and the law of natural selection, help record the most efficient holographic experiences.

These experiences are then chronicled in the antimatter (Yang matrix), where new experiences of trial and error, created by our free will, reduce the probabilities of choices as we ascend in our dimensional vibrational awareness toward our futures. This process of reducing the probabilities of choices is called intuition and is only possible by the many trials and errors in the slower vibrations of our pasts.

The End of The Journey Happens – Last Time Traveler Returns to Its Source and the Multiverse Rests in its Final Dream (Great Yin State)  

At the end of this multiverse, all the experiences of free will happen, and all the trial and error possibilities will find the most inclusive result for the holographic need of the multiverse. At this moment, the multiverse rests in its dream (Great Yin) state, where infinite possibilities are brewing within the deceptive and calm emptiness.






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