September 2021-The Myth of Void and Lack

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There is no Void or Lack


September 2021

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Welcome to the September 2021 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine.  This month we are tumbling down the rabbit hole with a Conscious conversation about The Myth of Void or Lack.

Before I get started let me give you the definition of each as described by Merriam-Webster. VOID-: containing nothing//: not occupied. LACK-: to be deficit or missing//: to be short or have need of something.

Now that we understand the assigned definitions of these words we can get to work.   For starters how many of you realize or fully understand that you could never be either one of these words?  Nor could you genuinely experience either one of these words as they are defined.

I know you’re thinking I’m out of touch but let’s dial this down for a moment.  The authentic you. The you that popped out of the womb and showed up as perfect.  Everything about you is perfect. Even if you were missing a limb or had something that did not function as what is classified as “normal” in this time space reality, you are perfect.

Even with an issue?  Yes, even with an issue or not “normal” condition as determined by life on this planet.

You were created and born perfectly.

How is this possible you ask, well because when you popped out of the womb you were the most authentic version of you, and you knew it.  When you, when we, showed up here we came with our full and total completeness.  There was no lack or void then and there is no void or lack now.

Lack or Void and the feeling of either one is only a perception that exists in this time space reality.  We experience or feel Void or Lack from the teachings and beliefs of our world or others in it.

Let me give you an analogy. 

I’m sure most of you remember the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. For some reason people got it in their heads that COVID equated lack of TP.  For weeks there was a rush on this sacred paper.  All kinds of TP paper even the sandpaper type.

I know this because I fell for the pandemic TP panic and paid a crazy price for a four pack from Walgreens.  The only explanation for my Voidful and Lacking actions was that I felt the energy of fear in my world and allowed it to convince me that I would not be able to attain butt-wipe.

What was I thinking?  Apparently, I forgot that there is never a lack of junk mail to use in the place of my usual TP.  I also forgot that I am blessed to live in a place where there is plenty of water for cleaning and rinsing anything I need to rinse. But even bigger than these two facts, I forgot that there is no Void or Lack.

Looking back know I realized I got duped by the fear of a Void of TP. This fear then took full control of my monkey mind and created the perception of TP Lack.  The next thing I knew I was buying overpriced TP.  Lucky for me this was just a TP moment and not something truly life altering.

The moral of the TP adventure you ask.

There is no Void as you are now and always have been complete.  There is never lack only a lacking perception.   And the good news.  You are in charge of how you view both.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of The Myth of Void and Lack.





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