The New Year Begins on Your Birthday

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Our solar return asks us to remember our birth and the sun as life and light giver.  It is representative of our individuality in its complete, freely expressive form. In addition, it’s important to recalling our natal sun and its meaning and will give us an idea of what we can expect in the new year ahead.

Determining this, we would look to the ascendent sign, as well as its ruling planet, the luminaries: Sun and Moon, planets at an angle, those in mutual reception, in stellium (three of more planets in the same sign), a specific quadruplicity such as cardinal, mutable or fixed, and element (earth, air, fire, water).

In each instance, a more in-depth reading is given with reference to the planetary aspects made and house situation. Consider conjunctions, and those favorable aspects such as the trine and sextile first, the square, opposition and those lesser like the sesquiquadrate or semisquare. These will give you a more complete understanding of the chart placements.

Interpreting it in this way, we can determine what experiences and events might occur in the year ahead.

For example, if your ascendant is in the sign of Aries, the year will be one self-initiation, and the completion of various projects. If the ruling planet, Mars, is in the 6th house, the focus will be on work related duties, routines, your health, and serving others who may be in a position of authority.  Mars in positive aspect to the Sun in the 1st gives great fortitude for these matters.  The Sun positively aspecting Saturn in the 7th, will make a good year in terms of partnerships and settlements. You may receive rewards with regards to authority figures, and the government. The public perception of you will be good as well as the health of the father. If several planets are in the same sign, such as Sagittarius, you can expect the house matters and the planetary characteristics – of adventure, travel, and philosophy to be accentuated.

The New Year we usually celebrate at the start of January will help us honor our birthday and plan for the year to come. On this observance, we think about our past decisions and any resolutions we are interested in making. This ritual can be extended to our birthday and the new year ahead.

With this, you can consider the idea of change: from the perspective of new opportunities.

Then, on your Solar Return, think about:

* The idea of birth and your heritage. Consider your ancestry and lineage. Research your family line and see how your descendants can help you in the present.

* Reflect on new opportunities and what you wish to build or reinforce.

* When doing so, consider all areas of your life from relationships, recreation, to work.

* The natal chart itself and how the energies of these transiting planets, with your Solar, might enhance or improve those planetary characteristics that are already present.





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