The Phenomenon of Global Grief

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“Our world and our lives have become increasingly interdependent, so when our neighbor is harmed, it affects us too. therefore, we have to abandon outdated notions of “them” and “us” and think of our world much more in terms of a great “US”, a greater human family.”  ~Dali Lama

It is more and more common to have clients tell me “I just feel sad for no reason.” They can’t put their finger on a specific loss—just the feeling of loss. When they describe their emotions, they are naming symptoms of grief. As a trainer who works primarily with stress and its relationship to personal and global energy, it didn’t take long to identify what was happening. My clients are reacting to the incredible amount of fear and anxiety present on the planet due to a never-ending series of calamities.

Current research in physics and energy has produced credible evidence that human emotions have a measurable impact on the magnetic field of Earth. For example, just prior to and during the attacks on the World Trade Center, the magnetic field of Mother Earth showed changes that were recorded using methods that are more suited to a scientific journal than this article. Imagine the magnetic field of Earth responding in a way that, on an EKG, would imply a person having a heart attack. Studies show that the energy field surrounding humans and the energy field around our planet have very similar rhythms. So what does this have to do with my clients’ grief? We are all connected.

Stress is rampant in the human population. This very real dis-ease—over 78% of doctor visits are stress-related—affects the energy field of the one who is stressed. At the same time, our energy fields interact and we pass on our emotions, whether they are positive or negative.

If enough people are experiencing the contagious energy of fear or grief, they create a global epidemic of sadness. Given the world-wide attention, it’s no wonder the horror of 9/11 affected the planet. Another example of that energy was the isolated but widely disseminated shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We are more likely to experience this group grief where we have access to television and social media 24/7. The same scenes are shown over and over, particularly when children are involved, and the sadness and grief deepen. There were many tragic happenings in the world prior to 9/11, including war, famine, the Kennedy assassinations, tsunamis and earthquakes, but the effects were not measured. Today, with the incredible proliferation of violence and brutality and the focus by the media, the amount of stress and grief grows—and is being measured.

The good news in all of this is simple. We are aware of our inter-relatedness and people of good will, spirituality and science have joined to discover how we can band together to send positive energy from the heart to counter the negative energy of violence. A great example of this is the Global Coherence Initiative, founded as a non-profit by the Institute of HeartMath®. Anyone can join in their “Global Care Room” at no cost. GCI calls for people to come together to meditate on specific places at specific times, but members can go there anytime to join their hearts and send energy for peace. If evil and tragedy can affect Earth’s energy, people of good intent can counter with their own energy.

On a basic level, those of us who are in contact with one another daily can use simple tools to join our energy and make sure that it is positive and loving. Visioning the graphic, imagine that every time you meet someone, your energy joins with theirs. Make a conscious effort to breathe loving peaceful emotions out from the heart into your energy field before going to a networking group or a family dinner. It takes one simple tool: breathe deeply at least five times into the area surrounding your heart. Then, imagine a time when you were feeling an emotion of peace, satisfaction, gratitude or love. Breathe in that memory and feel it in your heart’s space. You will actually become more coherent and each beat of your heart will send out peaceful energy.  If everyone joined in, it would be astounding, but you can make a difference. Global grief exists, but awareness makes you a catalyst for change. A shift in knowledge is a great gift.

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