The Promise:Revealing the Purpose of Your Soul

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The Promise:Revealing the Purpose of Your Soul

March 2021

About the Book-Before we were born, we made a promise as to whom and what we would become on earth. Life’s occurrences reveal the soul’s purpose, which can only be discovered through telling your truth and recognizing when you are out of step with your real purpose.The Promise is a guide to remind us of our goal of reaching that purpose.


What readers are saying…

“Therèse writes with moving insight about her life-changing experiences…I am honored to have my music featured as a soundtrack to this life-affirming journey of the heart.”
Michael Hoppé, Grammy Award–nominated composer

“Profound and moving…a revelation of beauty, wisdom, heart-breaking and heart-aching personal experience.”
Peggy Rubin, Director of The Center for Sacred Theatre


Therese T April 2015Meet the Author – Therese was born and raised in the Midwest by an entrepreneur father and a homemaker mother, the second child of six. She was surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins as she grew. The family moved to Florida when she was entering her senior year in high school—a move that changed her life. Her new home was like a foreign country in landscape, attitude and, particularly, lack of old friends and family ties. That move formed her desire to recreate family wherever she lived. She attended the University of Florida briefly before marrying her college sweetheart and building a home and family of her own. Having six children in the local school system drove her community spirit, and she acted as a school-community coordinator for a government program as the South lurched into the 70s. For more info about Therese CLICK HERE

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