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Going Within

September 2021

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One of the challenges of being a flower farmer is the time between when we plant seeds and when the first sprout appears. This can take as long as six weeks. During that time we question if the seeds were viable, if we planted them correctly, or if birds ate them. It’s always stressful because of the perceived lack of progress. We have learned that although we cannot see the seeds under the soil, we trust things are happening for the plants’ benefit.

This makes me think of my life and the lives of those around me when things appear to be at a standstill. We often ask ourselves, why is nothing happening? Our lives are so full of stimulation that when we have downtime, we assume nothing is happening. We perceive something is wrong, or we have been deficient in our effort, and then work franticly to make things happen.


Yet this rarely gets us anywhere.

It would be foolish of me to dig up the seed to see if it has begun to grow roots. I have to trust the seed knows what to do and all I have to do is give it the right amount of water. But trust can be a difficult place to reach, because I may be too focused on the lack of growth to recognize the growth under the soil.

How often have we chosen to rush through something because we are afraid of taking the time to wait and allow things to unfold as they should? In our busy lives today, waiting seems impossible. We want things now because we have other places to be and things that are a better use of our time. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. Are we afraid of waiting, or allowing things to work out as best as they can for us?

From a young age we were taught to go out there and get what we want, don’t wait. This may sound like good advice, but it fails to take into account the energy we create with a positive intention. If I go out to the gardens and stomp my feet and yell at the bare ground covering the seeds, nothing good will happen. I’ll get upset, my energy will become negative, and I’ll miss the joy and excitement when sprouts break the soil surface.

People fail to recognize the tremendous power they possess when aligned with their true selves. They think if they see a lack or deficiency in their lives they are not living to the fullness of who they are.

They see themselves as lacking the ability to go through life without pause or interruption.

What if we looked at freshly planted seeds? People, as do seeds, need time to grow, time to gather the right material for the best possible outcome. We need time to look within to discover what is true and right for us. Although the seed knows the way, there may be many distractions in the human experience blocking us from moving ahead easily.

When we plant seeds we create a void in the soil to place the seed. What if we needed a void in our lives to create some time for ourselves to hear the voice of our intuition? In time we may become so comfortable with looking into the void, all we see are possibilities. From here we will see there is no lack, only opportunities we may not have recognized earlier.

How do we get to the emotional place where we are comfortable with the idea of a void, or lack in our lives? We could begin to think like a seed. Everything the seed needs to know is within it. It does not question what it knows, it does not have self-doubt, nor does the seed have a constant stream of negative self-talk blaring in its ears. The seed knows its full potential, it trusts its ability to grow into a strong, beautiful plant.

Even though the seed was placed in a void in the soil.

I have learned a lot growing flowers. One would be to trust that there are outside forces at work helping the seed grow that I may never understand. I also have learned that these same unseen forces help me go through my day seeing the potential in every moment, even though there appears to be nothing going on.



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