The Sky is Just The Beginning

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fotolia © pathdoc

The sky’s the limit. Writing those words down, I realize there is a discrepancy.   If I were to process this adage in order to understand its meaning, I would come to the conclusion that the sky is where it ends. When people refer to this statement, I believe the concept of the term is to be understood as, there is no limit.

If you were to point a ray of light into the sky, it would stretch ad infinitum. It would go beyond and endlessly into unknown territories. A barrier in our understanding is that we think there is an end point. There must be a limit somewhere. Perhaps we limit our understanding so we feel comfortable in our own minds. What if there were no barriers in our thoughts and we realized that what we have been led to believe is false? Would our restrictive mind panic or open up to this possibility?

What if we were told from a young age to use our imagination from our parents and teachers? What if we were told day in and day out, that imagination is the key to success?

We have been blessed with a value system ingrained in our cellular DNA. Even if we were brought up in a cynical household, we still know right from wrong. Our intuition and gut will always give us clues, if we are listening. When making choices in life, we have a few options. We can seek help, or we can move forward and find the answers ourselves. I believe that if we are healthy in mind and body, we have the ability to stretch our thinking and find the answer ourselves. If we are willing to take the time and effort, we could come up with some pretty creative ideas.

Let’s use the analogy of setting a health goal. A popular one is losing a set amount of weight. What are the first steps in achieving this goal? The obvious would be to start watching what you eat and start exercising. Cutting down on the calories and beginning an exercise program would set you on the path to success. You have a few choices in moving forward. You could hire an expert, or you could use your imagination and come up with your own formula. There is an endless amount of information at your fingertips waiting to help you along your journey. What if you were to start asking some essential and empowering questions such as: “What would happen if I reached my goal?” or “How much energy would I have for my kids if I followed through?” or “What if the only limit to my success is my own negative outlook on myself?” Use your imagination and visualize what you would look and feel like. Think of yourself in the best energetic state possible. What colors and scents come to mind? Are you inspiring others along the fotolia © Antonioguillemway? Put a huge grin on your face and see what happens. An important key to understanding this is that you have this unlimited imagination and power to change the way things are in life. So what if you are having a hard time setting a goal? What are some ways to come up with your own ideas?

Clearing your mind of the internal chatter would be the first step in goal setting. Take a few minutes to be quiet and tune out any sounds. Focus on your breath and be conscious of slowing it down. Count in for 4 breaths and then out for 4 breaths. Take 10 minutes and dedicate those to your mind health. Afterwards, you are relaxed and ready to set some goals. Take another 10 minutes to write down some ideas. Use your imagination and brainstorm. Let your mind go and let your hands take over. Don’t judge the thoughts that are free flowing from your mind. Explore the possibilities and have fun with it. Who knows what creative ideas flow from your imagination? Perhaps you find out you would like to explore the idea of dance. What genre of dance can you envision yourself performing? Are you drawn to ballet and would like to work on your balance and core strength? Perhaps it’s more along the lines of entering a race and improving your cardiovascular system. Whatever the goal is, think of the journey that lies ahead and find ways to make it enjoyable. Inspiring others to come along with you is always a safe bet. Why not help others along the way and be their pillar of strength? Strength is always amplified in numbers, but leading through example is a sure way to improve the mental and spiritual aspect of your life.

So here is my last piece of advice. Just have fun and brainstorm! See what crazy things you draw out from your imagination and remember the sky is just the beginning.



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