The Struggle between Mindfulness and My Monkey Brain

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Healing from Within


February 2021

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I am on Day Two of what I have been calling my cleanse.  The longest I have ever made it is eight days.  That’s eight days of exercising, meditation, eating healthy, not letting anything bother me, relaxing, not having my evening cocktail, only checking my phone 50 times.  Yes, I said 50 times as my average is about 125 every day.  I have been trying to successfully do this for 30 days, but I fail and get disappointed every time at myself.  I wake up and think I am going to do this but fall short every time.

Why does beer and greasy hamburgers with fries taste so good at 5:00?

I wonder if I am the only being who is constantly stressed, worried, angry, and completely a mess all day long?  I am anxiously checking my phone like a rabbit looking to stay safe from predators.  What problems are there on my phone?  It seems to be quite often.

I often wonder what it would be like to get myself out of the way and turn that wonder loose.  To finally relax and melt into the abyss of peacefulness.  Like a nice warm blanket on a cold winter night.  I just want to be wrapped up and be safe.  No worries, no concerns, no responsibilities, no chance of life just crumbling everywhere.

Can that be possible in this body I think I am in?  There must be another way of looking at this so I can be content and happy going forward in life.  I do know I can’t get my mind to stop talking and chattering.

Should I accept the noise inside my monkey brain?

So what should I do?  I can try to sit and relax each part of my body or focus on my breathing.  But does that really work?  I mean it may work for a moment but long term the effects do not last.  So I must accept that I am doing the best job I can and not try so hard to be perfect.  I must understand my mind is talking to me but look beyond that and realize I am really a pure being of light.  Just enjoy life in this moment.

Be in the present.





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