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I’m fortunate to live at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Each clear morning I have the opportunity to watch the sun color the high peaks with early morning light, before that light reaches the valley floor. As I watch the beauty unfold, I am grateful for the day before me. Observing the unfolding of the coming day brings me a sense of inner peace. It is in this place of peace where I can just observe, and be in the present moment.

There is no need for judgement, or any other negative thought.

How often do we become emotionally involved in a situation by allowing our judgement to overtake our sense of inner peace? Can we just observe what is happening around us as a way to maintain our inner calm? When a negative situation, comment, or the behavior of others upsets us, we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by these events. In these cases we fail to realize that we have the ability to stay detached from the negativity by observing the situation, rather than becoming emotionally involved by our judgment.

It can be easy to reach a place of judgement, at times it flows so easily we hardly notice our descent into its negative energy. We can do nothing about the behavior of others, but for some reason we may choose to judge them rather than observe their behavior while choosing to remain emotionally centered.

Making the choice to observe rather than judging may be a new way of going through life. When we separate ourselves from how others behave, we realize that we have the ability to choose how we will react to any given situation.

This gives us the opportunity to either learn from the situation, or allow it to control us emotionally.

One of the methods I use to strengthen my ability to observe rather than judge, is trusting that everyone is doing the best they can at any moment in their life experience. This may be a challenging thought to accept, but what do we really know about the struggles another person is facing every day? Our judgement of them may be based on very little true, and accurate information. If I am open to observing I am more likely to be sympathetic, and compassionate toward their behavior.

Sure the world has challenging situations and people, but can we look at these experiences as opportunities to shift our consciousness for positive growth? When we step into a place of judgement, we have taken away our ability to see the lessons these people and situations have to teach us. This may seem challenging, but isn’t our inner peace worth something? Are we willing to throw it all away because someone who is negative, or sees the world differently than we do, says something offensive, or behaves in a way that does not make us happy? If we are waiting for someone to change who they are to please us, we may be waiting a very long time.

No amount of attention will change the way a situation has unfolded, or the words someone has spoken after the fact. All we can do is see it as a learning experience and move on. Just like observing the clouds rolling by, we can allow negativity to move past without allowing it to impact us emotionally.

In a way this comes down to self-love. Are we loving ourselves when we choose to judge others? Why do we judge in the first place? Is it because we want to make ourselves feel better by putting others down through our judgement?

By choosing to love ourselves, we accept that our true happiness is our responsibility, and it will not be found in our judgement of others.

A different way to look at this would be to think of observing a negative situation as embracing ourselves in the warmth of our own self-love. When we choose to judge, or ask others to change who they are as a way to please us, we step away from the warmth of our love, into the cold, dark place of negativity.

The question to ask ourselves would be, is it possible to learn to love ourselves enough so we have the strength to observe a situation, learn the positive lessons from the experience, and then grow emotionally because of this new shift in our awareness?

As the morning sun soaks the high peaks in soft light, shadows appear from the many ridges and cliffs. I may not be able to see into these shadows, but I can observe them, and know that as long as I maintain my place of self-love, I do not need to judge what I cannot see, or do not understand.





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