The Universe Listens 

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November 2020 The universe listens

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As a psychic and a medium, clients often ask me about things they are trying to manifest into their lives: new relationships, more income, better health, a great career.  These are the top things most people really want. Though we all have various needs those are the most common I’ve heard from my career over the last 23 years or so. I try to remind clients not to be attached to the outcome but to look at the bigger picture. Always ask for what’s your highest good. When we become too attached, we certainly have a tendency to be in the state of expectations that are perhaps not what is really for our highest good.  That’s first and foremost. 

You may think you know better, but I can assure you that the universe knows what’s best. Trust me, I can be stubborn, so I do understand. Your soul is connected to God and the universe. Always remember to keep this in mind. Our egos have a tendency to get in the way. I myself, am not the most patient person. 

A dear friend of mine actually said it best; “If I put myself in a 200 mph race car but never had any experience using these kind of device, I’d hit the gas and wouldn’t know how to control the car.  I’d spin out of control and hit a wall.” This resonated with my soul. I hope it hits you the same way. 


Instead, if I learned how to actually understand the dynamics and the full ability of this make and model, I’d take it out and practice until I perfected the art of driving such a fast race car. Only then would I know what to do, how to handle things. The universe is the same way. We are taught lessons, trial and errors to prepare us for bigger and better things. Experience gives wisdom. Wisdom brings knowledge. Knowledge gives us confidence. Confidence gives us courage to go forward.  We all have this within us. 


When I first embraced being a medium, I was all over the place. I couldn’t understand what was really happening or why. I also couldn’t temper it. I decided to attend a four-year program at the College of Metaphysical Studies. My professor had the patience and insight to direct me. Only then did I begin to learn my craft. Still impatient and unsure, I pushed through it having faith in myself and my teachers. 


The bigger picture has led me to where I am today. 


Divine timing makes you calm down about what you are manifesting. You realize the timeline of your life is not only up to you, which relieves some of the pressure and stress. You gain faith which gives perspective. Write it down daily if you must. Your goals, desires, needs. Then leave it. I understand it’s hard to not over analyze leaving it. You just have to understand that in the spirit world, things are viewed much differently. 


When you are ready, the universe knows when to deliver. Until that time arrives, work on yourself in other ways. Take on a project, volunteer or keep moving ahead with that job or relationship.  Allow “trust” to be your highest source of your ego. When the ego is set aside, trust can be implemented. Faith automatically follows. You gain a better understanding that the universe is always working with you, not against you. 


Some things to consider… never use these words or phrases:

I can’t. It won’t. I’m not able. I’m not capable. I don’t deserve it. Why? How could that ever be possible? 


Replace them with: 

I can. I will. I’m perfectly capable. I deserve all that is good. I’m ready to receive. Nothing is impossible. 


Say it loud and clear every day. Be persistent. Consistency is part of the process. 


I’m ready to receive is my favorite. It sends the message loud and clear. God listens. You absolutely deserve the best.  You also need to believe that. It’s a step we all need to take. I’ve been there myself. The trick is really to send out your intentions, like letting go of a balloon. Watch it fly high into the sky and then it’s gone from sight. You watched it rise up, you know it took off.  Do the same with your thoughts and intentions as you manifest your goals. 


Send your desires to the universe and trust the plan.  By the way, I wouldn’t drive 200 mph. That would’ve been an interesting scenario. However, my thoughts are like driving the fast. I send my intentions and deepest desires out to the universe in faith, knowing that when God sees fit, everything does come to fruition. 


Lots of love, 

Michelle Caporale



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