The Voice Within

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Being a Catalyst

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Fear has a strong grip. Once it takes hold it is difficult to grasp courage’s hand. But we all have walked through uncertainty. No matter how devastating last year was for us personally, nationally, or globally, we still have the seeds of strength growing within.

So much has happened in such a short span of time that no one could have fully prepared for the changes we have all faced. I’m exhausted. I’m concerned about the future. Yet, life still holds so many possibilities. For too long we have lived comfortably. Our throwaway society has led us here and now it’s time to remedy the situation.

It may be difficult to know where to start on an individual level, but every one of us is graced with personal guides (whether we know it or not). Our ancestors used them. Other creatures in nature still live by them. Nature gifted us instincts and no matter how we bury them, they rest inside of us, ready to merge with our energies and personal powers that direct our inner voice.

There is a lot going on socially, politically, medically. Reports are often conflicting and confusing, but deep inside we can sense what is wrong and what is right.

Building trust with ourselves, our families, neighbors, communities, and beyond isn’t just about communication or politeness, it is a matter of survival. We need each other. We also need to be ready to reach out to those in need because that is what creates the most balance and positive change in any era.

Meditation and regular everyday practices to strengthen my inner-voice keep my spirit alive when I want to give up. A conscious lifestyle isn’t easy, but it keeps instincts sharp. My inner voice won’t often let me quit because I tend it with care.

For example, many people hate Monday mornings. They represent another cycle of work and stress. But a simple Monday morning meditation can clear away the grimy outlook.

I’ve started posting some of my Monday Morning Meditations on my YouTube channel just to help others get in the habit, or encourage those already in practice. Sometimes I need more privacy, but I find sharing these moments quite enlightening.

Taking just 5 or 10 minutes to go outside and appreciate that the sky is still endless and the ground remains beneath my feet offers perspective. It revives connections broken by modernity.

I work in an office. Not my favorite setting. I don’t sit still well, and I hate being inside for too long, but I get up every hour and stretch. I bounce around for a few minutes, then I reach up and bend down to touch my toes. While I’m doing this, sometimes my co-workers and I joke around, but most often I feel myself transported from the dullness of my duties into a world of shapely thought that allows new ideas to form and settle as I get back to my tasks.

When I can, I take walks at a nearby park on my lunchbreak, or at least go home to absorb the sense of self that is lost in mundane routines.

Every day is a journey. Each step has meaning whether we intend it to or not. Finding a way to hear your inner-voice and represent it to others clears the air and brings us together. It overrules fear, and leads toward a path of wholeness. However you reach this state, I hope you find something to enjoy in each day. That’s where I always start.


Author: Jessica Marie Baumgartner is the author of, “The Magic of Nature,” “Walk Your Path,” and “The Golden Rule.” Her work has been featured by: “the St. Louis Post Dispatch,” “Evie Magazine,” “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” “Mothers Always Write,” and many more.







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