The Way We Do One Thing

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© Warren Goldswain - Fotolia

© Warren Goldswain – Fotolia

….Is the way we do Everything!

I learned this the hard way when I saw everything in my life “not” working.  I was beating up my body for not looking like all the perfect bodies in the magazines.  I was sabotaging my relationship with food because food was making me fat.  I sabotaged my relationships in life because I was so out of love with myself and I spent all my money because that is the only thing that would bring me joy, for the time being at least.

What was left was a very lonely, confused, depressed young woman.  If you take a look at your home is it disorganized and a mess? Is it tidy and well kept?  This can easily show what’s going on inside your mind.  If we have a lot of “stuff” all over the place and very unorganized, it usually means we have a lot of “stuff” going through our heads most of the time and we’re not taking time to clean house, literally and figuratively.

We all create a way of doing things based on our beliefs and upbringing. We can use this as a tool to see what’s not going right in our life or even a way to understand others we care about by reviewing their behaviors.  We create an algorithm of choices based on behavioral preferences and it’s recognizable in everything that we do.

For instance, are you the type of person to start something and work really hard at it and then after a few weeks or so you quit?  Perhaps you do this with diets, exercise regimes, relationships or careers.  This can mean several things but once this is recognized within yourself, it’s a great opportunity to go inward and question why you might do that.  Why is it that you start tasks but never seem to finish?   I see this a lot with my clients and as we go inward and read the energy on what’s happening a lot of times they are “upper limiting”.  They are getting to a place that feels so good that on a subconscious level or conscious level (based on interpretation) they are feeling unsafe feeling “that good” and therefore cause a way to disrupt the flow. Another reason could be lack of self-worth.  They simply might feel that they don’t deserve to feel that good or maybe it’s not safe to feel that good.  See in your life where you repeat patterns such as this.  I bet you’ll notice a lot of matches in the way you choose to do things in your life.

Some other examples are overeating.  If someone is the type to overindulge in food, they might also overindulge in many other areas in their life such as alcohol, cigarettes, shopping and the like.  Perhaps someone lives in deprivation and deprives themselves of food, pleasure, enjoyment and love not just from others, but from themselves.

This can be very prevalent in relationships when someone is always attracting the same type of person that might not be the best fit for them.  This is probably happening because their frequency matches their own without doing the inner work and therefore attracting the same type of relationship they had that didn’t work out in the first place.  So not only can this play out in the way you live your life but also what you attract into it.

Do you see now how you handle and manage your situations, challenges and experiences in your life is how you probably handle all of them?  I know this can be a hard concept to swallow but the more you review your life and how you run it, the more you’ll be able to see the patterns and the better able you will be to make the appropriate changes.  All you need is to start with one action at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself.  

An easy way to start is to:

  1.  Make a list of all the things, behaviors, patterns you see that are not working.
  2.   Match them up with all areas of your life and see the consistency.
  3.  Go inward as to why this might be happening or hire a coach to assist you.
  4.  Begin with one area at a time such as an unorganized home.  Declutter your home so that you  can begin to declutter your mind and start with a fresh slate.
  5.  Choose differently!

This is still a work in progress for me but when I look back at how my life was years ago to now, I see huge shifts and for the better!  Perhaps now is the time to break old patterns and set a new standard in your life.




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