There’s an Aura About You

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May 2015

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We humans are more than just our skin, bones and teeth. In addition, we are thinking, feeling, Spiritual beings. We are our mind, body, and Spirit all wrapped together in a package of consciousness housed in both the physical body and the energetic space surrounding us. It’s called the aura. The aura is not something most of us can readily see so it might take a bit of awareness to begin to sense it. The following exercise is designed to help you do just that.

Exercise: Sensing Your Aura

  1. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, eyes closed. Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. On each inhale, imagine bringing more of your awareness into the center of your head. This space, between your ears, behind your eyes, is the seat of your intuition. As we begin to open our awareness to being more than just our physical body, we also open ourselves to our intuitive ability to sense this energy space. As you exhale, imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet, connecting you solidly to the earth. Inhale and center, exhale and ground.
  2. Now, from this relaxed state of awareness, imagine your physical body surrounded in a cocoon of soft, pulsing, vibrating energy. This is your aura. Imagine this energy field encircling you, front to back, side to side. This circle of energy even extends above our heads and below our feet.
  3. Imagine feeling into this space by slowly raising both arms above your head as if you were reaching for the ceiling. Sense this space that extends above your head about as high as your hands can reach.
  4. Now lower both arms and extend them to each side, much like a windmill.
  5. Finally, extend one arm behind you and one arm in front of you. Feel into this personal bubble of energy surrounding you.
  6. Lower both arms to your sides as you remain seated with your palms up. Relax, sit and breathe.
  7. Still with your eyes closed, sense the space behind your knees and down to the tips of your toes. Imagine your aura extending below the floor.
  8. Now, think a peaceful thought and imagine that peaceful energy filling your aura. Is this thought, this impulse of energy, just in your brain or do you feel the peaceful thought throughout your body and aura?
  9. Next, send that peaceful thought out from you to a friend of yours.
  10. Imagine that thought of peace leaving your aura and touching your friend.
  11. Now think an angry thought and imagine your aura filled with that energy. Do you feel the difference? We are not going to send this anger to our friend, and we don’t want to keep it in our energetic body either, so imagine this anger draining out of your body and going to the center of the earth.
  12. Finally, imagine your aura, head to toe and all around you, filled with the calm, soft, energy of joy.
  13. Sit in your personal energy field filled with this calm energy for a moment longer.
  14. Know that as you get up and walk around, your aura will move with you.
  15. When you are ready, open your eyes, get up slowly and walk around the room.

As you begin to understand auras, you come to the awareness that we are a body of consciousness, both physical and spiritual in nature. Our thoughts are waves of energy that we generate and send out into the world.

What type of energy, what thoughts, and feelings, would you like to surround yourself with today? Anger and frustration, or compassion and joy?

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