December 2016- Remember To Just Be

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December 2016

Remember To Just Be This Holiday Season

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fotolia © Konstiantyn


Hello and Happy Holidays from all of us at Conscious Shift Magazine!

 Happy Holidays and thank you for Consciously Shifting with us for another year.  As this year comes to an end we leave you with thoughts on, and benefits from, Remembering to Just Be

Remembering to “Just Be” and doing so in the middle of a holiday season is harder than it sounds. The air is filled with obligations and activities that tend to leave us all feeling a bit overwhelmed and at times just “should” on.

Remembering to Just Be is so important and still I forget on a regular basis. Just this morning as I was dealing with monthly deadlines and feeling a bit all over the place I was reminded that I Forgot to Just Be. It’s not unusual for me to get edgy around deadline, but this month I felt it more deeply. It just seemed as though there is so much more going on than normal and even though all of it’s good, it’s still a lot.

In understanding how to deal with all the blessings life brings me I found myself asking, “How do I handle all of this? How do I handle it when everything is showing up exactly as I ask and when it shows up not as I ask?” OMG help! And that’s when I heard it. The voice of reason, The Head Conscious Shifter and Universal Voice of Reason, Creator God.

Creator gently reminded me that I was doing again. I was not Remembering to Just Be and that I needed to go Back to Basics and look at some of the lessons from this year.  So I did…

My first lesson, Remember to Just Be.  Being reminded to stop and find Appreciation In All Things.  Remembering to appreciate took me Back To Basics.  When I took it all back to basics I was reminded to ask myself an important question.  I was reminded to ask, “What Do You Believe?” What did I believe and how would I align with that belief?  All of this from Remembering To Just Be and it didn’t stop there.

I was then reminded of how when you choose to just be you become aligned with The Art of Receiving. I recently experienced this when my wife and I had a mystery angel buy our lunch. No explanation – just a word from our server that our bill was taken care of and we were free to go.  It was in that moment I realized how important it is to be gracious and receive the beautiful blessings the universe has to offer if we Remember to Just Be.

Remembering to Just Be manifests abundance while giving you the ability to Step Into the Grandest Version of Your Greatest Vision. Let’s be honest; we all imagine the day when some secret Santa (or in my case, Angel) will perform a random act of kindness, but never did I think how amazing it would make me feel or how it would create more thoughts of possibility when it finally happened. The feeling of over all joy and Being Free that would leave me with a smile on my face for days.

All of this from the ripple effect of Remembering to Just Be. This holiday season I challenge you to Remember to Just Be and see just How Full Your Glass Can Be.

Wishing you and yours a glorious season filled with adventures down the rabbit hole of possibilities.


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