The Things You Think

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“Truly, thoughts are things, and powerful things at that!”

~ Napoleon Hill


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Truly thoughts are things. Yet, you are not your thoughts. You have thoughts in your mind, but they are not who you are.  As this quote reminds us, the thoughts we accept as ours, are extremely powerful.  Powerful enough to create the life you want, or to create a life you simply endure until physical death.

How do we make choices in what we think? 

Most, if not all people, yearn for happiness in their lives. So it would make sense that if we want a life of happiness, we need to think happy thoughts. This should be easy, right? Not so fast! For most of us it is a challenge to remain in a thought pattern that brings us happiness on a continuous basis. The reasons behind this are vast, but most of the time it is a past pattern that lies in our subconscious mind. We have latched on to the thoughts that we believe give us safety. The safety in this comes from the belief that what we have thought up until this point in our lives, has served us well enough to survive or endure life, so to that thought pattern, we return.

It is like hanging on to an anchor that is rapidly dropping to the bottom of the ocean and expecting that anchor to be our safety. We soon find out we are drowning.  But, that thought process or anchor is all we have ever known. We only know that we are alive today, and these thought patterns, good or bad,  positive or negative, healthy or unhealthy have brought us to this very minute.

When our thoughts go unchecked, we revert to our subconscious way of thinking and we revert to the same patterns over and over. It is insanity defined.

The paradox here is that those thoughts are not always in alignment with happiness. If we were brought up to believe we should suffer, for anything less than perfection, then we have a subconscious belief that we should suffer when we make mistakes.

We must be able to contest the thoughts that no longer serve us and the joy we have come to seek. We do this by finding and living in a conscious state of mind. When we do, we find a disruption in the negative or unhealthy pattern of thought and simply return to love. These kind, loving, compassionate thoughts are our true essence our natural state of being and will indeed bring us the happiness we seek!






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