Thoughts on Thoughts

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fotolia © Sergey Nivens

fotolia © Sergey Nivens

We are what we think about whether we like it or not.

All thoughts create form on some level. The subconscious mind: hears everything and simply reflects it back to us; doesn’t know how serious you are when you think it, even it if it was a joke.

Words can be dangerous AND words can heal.

If you would like to change how you focus your thoughts, you can begin to condition your mind with thoughts that counter the negative ones you habitually think.

Thoughts of peace in Alaska affect plans of peace in Libya.

We have the extraordinary opportunity and responsibility to try and get it right. To train our minds is as important as to train our bodies and very important to our health.

An attitude of gratitude is most important. Develop the habit of gratitude and praise as you realize how fortunate you are; affirm it with your thoughts, “What a beautiful day today is.” Is a simple reminder that there is beauty in life and it will make your life more beautiful.

The meaning of anything is the meaning we attach to it. Everything and every situation is neutral, it is the meaning and response you give to it that determines how you handle it. How you see yourself is how you tend to see your life; how you see your life is how you tend to see yourself.

If you see yourself as healthy; feel and act healthy, doing healthy things, more than likely you will increase a healthy vibration in your body and improve your health.

The world expands and contracts according to our participation in it. – – – We are 100% responsible for how we experience life.

In Source / God there are no good guys or bad guys, there are loving choices which will provide us happiness and unloving choices which will provide us with pain.

The closed heart of another cannot hurt us, it did not cause us to suffer, it was our instinct to close our heart in response that creates the hurt.

fotolia © Sergii Ieromin

fotolia © Sergii Ieromin

There have been those who lied about me accusing me of things I did not do, which was their call for help as they blamed me for their circumstances. All I can do is to send them love and peace so that their heart can be healed.

To achieve a healthier you, a healthier environment, a healthier relationship and more, choose thoughts and feelings that can help and support your desires.

You must be the change . . .

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