May 2018-Time to Hit the Reset Button

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Hitting the Reset Button


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Welcome to another edition of Conscious Shift Magazine as we venture down the rabbit hole of possibility with Time to Hit the Reset Button.

Did you know that your past is not a life sentence and that tomorrow never comes?  That is the best news ever because all you have is right now. And right now is the best Time to Hit the Reset Button.

It’s easy to lose our powerful ability to Invoking a reset. We get “should” on by so many factors in life that we forget our powerful reset. We forget we get to start over every moment of every day, and that the power of our now moment can appear in an instant by simply knowing when it is Time to Hit the Reset Button.

I have had many “Time to Hit the Reset Button” moments in life.  The big ones were, accepting that I was gay, releasing a toxic parent, having a parent transition, and being hearing impaired.

Then there were the small resets.  Like ending a friendship full of “should’s”, unexpected job loss, and a life partner that leaves you for someone else.  All of these reset moments served as powerful catalyst in my life as they guided me to find my path and be less afraid of the change that reset brings.

Hitting my reset button, and having it hit for me allowed me to be ready for my new my path.  The path that lead to my wife, my beautiful moonbeam who worships the quick sand I walk on.  Hitting reset also lead me to writing, publishing, and Conscious Shifting. Reset has shown me the most amazing peace with both of my parents, the beauty of quiet that comes with hearing challenges and let’s not forget the joy of walking the road less traveled.

When is it Time to Hit the Reset Button?

How about Now, and Now, and wait don’t forget Now.  Hitting the reset button is as simple as stopping breathing and re-thinking the activities of the day or the given moment.  Being one with you and knowing you are now and always have been the most informed authority in your now/reset moment.

Peace & Joy
Tracey R. Kern
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