Transcending Boundaries

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Hitting the Reset Button

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Time, as we tend to understand and perceive it as human beings, is an illusion. On the surface, our lives appear to be linear. There is a time we are born, a time we live, and a time we die. But below the surface level of our existence, there is much more ticking inside this divine clock we call the universe. Everything exists as a wave, or a frequency. As a metaphor, we can say the universe breathes, and everything contained within it is built from this same pattern, our lives included.

This existence in the material universe is like the inhale of the universe’s breath. We separate from the oneness of being to experience the contrast of duality. Separated from the unity of cosmic perfection, our lives are experienced with each moment as a step towards a certain end point. Yet, the passing of life signals the start of the exhale, where we return to the unity of where we came. Here, we enjoy the bliss of oneness again, where we eventually long for something to contrast it. We then separate once again to start the cycle anew, choosing to embark on this fresh start with a slightly different trajectory than we took the last time we passed through this wondrous garden.

Think of a spring, or a coil. Around and around it goes, but never does it overlap itself. Each revolution the spring follows a similar pattern, but never is it exactly the same. This is similar to our lives. Each reincarnation in this material realm is a cycle in a much grander pattern. We came to this life for a purpose, as determined by our past lives.

I like to think of each of these incarnations of myself to be another lesson. I’m here, in this form and with these memories because there is something I need to do. I see this task as my destiny. That is, the reason I keep coming back is to build on previous lessons, with the goal of undoing mistakes to experience better scenery on this iteration of my life path. This gives depth to my perceived purpose in life, as it makes every day a rewarding challenge to grow. Every moment becomes a chance to learn: a choice to take a different fork in the road than the last time I strolled down this cosmic lane.

This also raises the question: what am I here for? This is a question we all must answer ourselves. Fortunately, we do not need to look far for a solution. Within each of our hearts is all the information we need to navigate our way through this life. Therefore, each journey we take through the universe must be an exercise to expand our hearts. The lessons we learn accumulate, eventually allowing us to overcome the trial we created for ourselves and came here for. If we do not pass this test we created for ourselves before our birth, we will continuously face the same problems, in this life and in our next one.

What is the ideal life? I don’t think this question has any absolute answer. Each of us has a unique set of eyes and sees the world differently. We must all have an equally unique path towards our best possible lives. However, we can say that the liberated life is the one which does not let the past determine the present. In front of each of us exists an infinite number of doors, all of which are open to us. We are the only ones who close these possibilities to ourselves.

This is the grand lesson in life: that we are truly free. We only need to accept that we are divine beings and rise to the challenge of being our highest selves. Once we realize this, we transcend the boundaries of time where we can create a new destiny for ourselves.





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