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The transiting planets are those in the sky which “transit” or move through your natal chart, residing in a house for a certain duration of time. This is important to understanding the present state of your life and, also, for making predictions about future events.

Personal planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars move through the chart quickly. The Sun in a month’s time, Moon, two – three days, Mercury 15 to 60 days, Venus 26 days to a month, and Mars, two months. The heavy or “ponderous” planets of Saturn and Jupiter are in a sign and thereby a house for a period of two-three years, while those at the farthest reaches of our solar system can stay in a sign and house for many years (Uranus, seven years, Neptune, 14 years, Pluto, 300 years).

Knowing the duration of time these planets transit the chart, you can work with them to your benefit. The quicker moving planets, such as the Moon, and its energy can be used for completing simple, everyday tasks, and on these days, you can make slight changes to your living environment. Your emotional state might be fixed on one area of your life over another.

However, the slower moving planets, those which stay in a sign for a longer time period, affect you in life altering and significant ways.

You can easily make future predictions by noting the planet sign, house position and aspects, if necessary. If Mars was transiting the first house, you would expect changes to your physical body, identity and early environment (in the form of review). You would feel more confident and motivated in the direction of these activities. This confident self-expression and newfound finesse would meet your personal resources in the 2nd house and utilizing them. You would be called up to maintain a levelheaded approach over impulsiveness.

In every case, you should note the Sun and Moon with its location, ascendant sign, those at angles, as well as those which happen to transit the same house of a natal planet. It will usually give interesting and rewarding results accordingly. At the top of the chart or “midheaven” where work and success reign, you can expect a public event of some type to affect you. Otherwise, you will have some notoriety or renown and achieve something. This would be a very “outgoing” time in your life.  You could meet people of authority; father figures who act as mentors or impact your career. If at the bottom, or “nadir,” you can expect more focus on the home and nurturing yourself.

Your inner life takes center stage, and you are more interested in quiet times alone, than events taking place in the outside world.

Oftentimes you don’t recognize the affects of these planets until their transit is over. These usually impact some important areas of your life: whether it be your physical body and sense of identity, home life, personal relationships, or profession. You might undergo a complete revision of your health routine and thinking, relocate or make major revisions to your home such as new additions, even to the extent of adding family members, marry or separate, and begin a new career that offers a higher paying salary or new position.

Be sure to note planets that are in the same sign or element, as these speak to a specific concentration of energy which could impact you through some concrete event or growth. For instance, more planets in a fire sign suggest activation and energy; water, thought and introspection.

The planetary bodies, as they move through a certain house, connect us to our truest self-expression and purpose.

They motivate us to consider our beliefs and way of living, meaningfully inspiring us.





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