Treasure Change…Embracing Life’s Constant Flow

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Change is a Powerful Thing

fotolia © meryll

fotolia © meryll

Life is filled with change, changes in the cells in our bodies happens all the time, the seasons change, the weather changes daily and to resist these changes is not in your best interest.

My world is filled with change daily, not just with the aforementioned reasons, but mostly because of the work that I do. As a writer for this magazine for instance we are provided with a theme for each month and then write articles based on the theme. As a speaker / workshop facilitator, I create programs based on what the clients wants for their organization – what outcome do they want to happen based on my presentation? As a life coach people who work with me want to make changes in their lives so I work with them to guide, challenge and support them to attain their goals. As a career transition consultant I work with people who have just gone through a major life change – they were laid off from their company.

To accomplish each of the areas of my work, I must be somewhat flexible in my schedule, in the processes I use as each person may need to go about the work in a slightly different manner, and I need to be flexible in my thinking too.

Some changes are challenging for sure – major illness, accidents, relationships – marriage, divorce, babies, and children leaving for college – all of these require you to take a new approach to the various situations. These are the changes you tend to resist because you don’t want to have to make them. Sometimes you just want things to stay the same.

I know when I went through my divorce, it was extremely challenging because it required a LOT of change. Change in my career as well as living arrangements, in children’s routines, change in lifestyle and many more. Some of those changes were easier than others, but I reached out to various professionals to ask for help and guidance.

That will work for you too – ask for help to assist you in making the changes you need to make. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, I personally think it is a sign of weakness when you don’t.

Life is a constant flow of change and if you don’t change along the way, well…you may want to hang up the towel in life.


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