Trusting Your Intuition

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The Secret to Trusting Your Intuition


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We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel is offering the secret to learning how to trust our intuition.

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself, and learn to trust in your own answers.

Everywhere I turn now, I feel like I am being confronted with the need to be aware of other states beyond the physical. In fact, much of my life at this point seems to be focused on looking beyond the 3D world we have been familiar with and more about learning to live in the higher frequencies in the expansive of 5D world we have moved into.

I find it to be a really interesting time to be alive right now. I am so curious about the shifting frequencies and the magical beauty inherent in the way the Divine Flow of Love is working through all that we are experiencing.

It feels like being Home in a way; that life for all these years has never been.

I love that my Higher Self is available to me in a new way. Many people are agreeing with this assessment. The Light Fields of energy are pliable and malleable enough for us to be able to co-create a life that can bring us fulfillment of our greatest dreams. I am able to have deeper communication with my heart without taking as much time to raise my frequency. I find I am already living in the higher frequencies that give me access to my guidance system.

It is living in the world with these new frequencies that seems to be the trickiest part for my physical body, especially my nervous system. Life responds differently in the higher dimensions. When my actions do not create the same results they used to before 2012, that tells me I have to pay attention and make some new action choices. It turns out that when I do this, everything is much easier. 

Even more radically, it seems as though Love is a greater component in all activity than ever before.

It is a bit wild when I realize that it has taken more than 70 years to finally have the world that I thought I was being born into. When I did not have a body, it seemed like a great idea to “be ahead of my time.” However, the reality of life when nobody understood anything I said and even thought I was more than a bit crazy, was grueling to say the least. The freedom of the time we are living in now is remarkable and I love having more people to play with in the Beauty of the higher frequencies. This teaching has become a component to all my private sessions, so that Hope, Creative Solutions, and Expanded Perceptions can be brought into daily life.




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