Tuning In to Your Inner Voice

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Connecting with the You Inside

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Are you ‘tuned in’ to your inner voice that helps you create desired outcomes? Or are you constantly barraged by audio overload making it impossible to hear anything else? “Honey did you wash my shirts for work last night?” “Uh oh! Mommy I spilled my juice all over the floor!” As the CNN commentator blares the next worst-case scenario from the TV, you wish everyone would just be quiet so you could remember where you put your car keys and have time to recall that great idea you had for your business instead of starting your day stressed and distracted! Want to rewind and start over? If you make it a priority to be ‘tuned in’ before your day begins, your mornings will be better; your days will unfold with more blessings, and your spouse might start helping with the laundry. Sound hopeful? Let’s explore the possibilities together.

What exactly IS the inner voice? Is it your mother-in-law telling you how NOT to do something or the unsolicited advice of a well-meaning friend? It’s actually the voice inside your own mind otherwise known as your intuition that tells you ‘he’s not the right guy for you’ or ‘you really should schedule a mammogram’ or ‘turn here right now!’ as you narrowly escape the driver who suddenly pulls out in front of you in traffic. The voice could also be an inner knowing, or a feeling in your gut.

I was almost 72 hours into labor at a birthing center when I realized that my inner voice could shout! The support staff were all trying to assuage my first-time-mom-fears and encourage me to stay with the original plan to give birth in the water. But I had an urgent feeling that I really needed a C-Section. I conveyed this to everyone around me, but my fearful concerns were dismissed. Suddenly I heard a very distinct (and very loud) voice say ‘GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW’. So I hoisted myself out of the water and insisted that my husband get me to the emergency room.

“I want to have a C-Section!” I said as the attending obstetrician began to examine me and checked the baby’s vitals. She replied, “You don’t have a choice. Your baby’s heart rate is in deceleration and we have to get her out now to save her life!”. My daughter was born safely via C-Section an hour later. The doctor told me that if I had waited even a few more short minutes to get to the hospital – my child might have died. I’ll forever be thankful I listened to that voice.

If you’d like to avoid a shouting match with your guidance system and/or just be in sync with the ‘inner self’ that will help you co-create a better life, I invite you to consider the following steps.

First, make it a daily priority (before you get out of bed) to offer your prayers and intention for the day to God. I find that the universe does respond helpfully when I ask for the day to unfold in divine order and for my activities to be done with more ease. (This intention is especially helpful if you have small children, loud pets, and other people vying for your attention).

Next, make a commitment to meditate for 10-20 minutes after you pray or at some point later in your day when you have focused quiet time. I promise that if you’ll do this consistently (every day!) you’ll clear the mind chatter – and your intuition will improve. Your intuition = God’s guidance system or radio. In order to get rid of the static and get on the station you want – you have to ‘tune in’ to the right channel. Meditating daily helps you get on, and stay on, the right channel.

Start keeping track of the guidance you receive each day in a small notebook that you keep in your purse or briefcase as you go about your daily activities. Jot down any thoughts that come into your mind and practice discerning if this is your ‘ego mind’ or ‘divine guidance’. A hint…your ego mind will always try to distract you…vs. authentic guidance that will lead you to the next best action for a problem or desired outcome. When in doubt, pray for a sign to validate the information. And be open to how that might show up for you.

The more you begin to pay attention to your inner voice, and remove the distractions in your mind (and in your environment!), you will experience more flow in your life, be led to answers and information that makes your life easier, and be more tuned in to the frequency of the universe with no life-altering chaos needed to get your attention!


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