Tune in to The Grateful Channel

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 © alphaspirit - Fotolia.comBe grateful for all that you have and all that you are.

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day to our busy lives.  This message is about Divine Right Attitude.

With all that is going on in the world and in our lives, it is easy to get disgruntled. Sometimes it is easier to just let our thoughts go into the negative channels, where we seem to have a habitual groove, and just ruminate on how bad things seem to be.

It takes discipline and effort to switch to a different channel where we can look from a higher level, a more grateful perspective. When we do this, it can take us directly into our hearts, and then from our heart’s intelligence we are able to create from a more resourceful place. Gratitude is the attitude that allows us to be inspired to feel more love and appreciation for our lives. That is because Gratitude is a powerful energy surge that raises our vibrational frequencies to the level where we can see beyond the immediate appearance of disharmony to the truth of the dynamic force of the Divine working in our lives.

This profound energy force can work with us to create a life that is more in keeping with what we want to experience. It responds to our thoughts and feelings very directly. In the new energy system in which we are living, we have clear choices about how we want to live. In this time of heightened energy frequencies, we have been given a blank slate where we can formulate our lives. We can do this from our heart’s longings, and even from our deepest dreams, hopes and wishes. Though this may sound very simple, because of our habitual ways of thinking, it takes an extreme focus of our attention on what we truly want to experience instead of what we don’t like about ourselves and our lives.

This is a very powerful tool, simple but not easy; empowering or disabling, according to the magnetic energy we are projecting into the fields around us. Physics tells us that we have a field of unlimited potential waiting for us to seed our futures. The magnetic energy of our thoughts and feelings is the seed that creates attraction to a different experience. That is why keeping our energy frequencies as high as possible makes such a difference in what we are experiencing in life.

When there is nothing else we can think of to do to feel better, being grateful can be the key that turns the tides of our feelings into the channels of new life and well-being. It is an amazing and powerful tool just waiting for us to put it into action. With this simple tool you can turn your life into more positive channels as you become more grateful for all that you already have in your life.

Consider how truly fortunate you are, and open up to new feelings of Gratitude and Well-being. Just like a dial on a radio, changing the channel to the one that beams out Harmony, Joy and Love will gift you with a totally new perspective. Then naturally your magnetic field will radiate more of these good vibes, and through the Law of Attraction, your life will begin to make some big and beautiful changes. That is just the way it works. Simple…




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