Turning the Impossible Into the Possible

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“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” J.M. Barrie

We all have wishes and dreams. We all want something beyond what we have, and yet few of us ever brave that step into the unknown. We doubt, we ponder, we hesitate, and soon our dream seems so impossible that we stop believing.

Turning the impossible into the possible is a process of believing, deep within your core, that something is possible, then going out and making it happen. The most important part though is the first part, the being part. Your feelings are what power your belief beyond the doubt, and turn your dreams into reality.

The following exercise will help you shift your belief into high gear, and like Peter Pan, allow you to fly.

Exercise: Turning Impossible Into Possible:

For this exercise, I will share my dream and how I turned it into my reality. We will use the image of a ladder with twelve rungs. Each rung will represent a statement that moves you closer to your desire and removes any doubts about the possibility of bringing this into your reality.   First, I identified a want that felt impossible to attain. My want was spending winters on the island of Maui. This desire was so big, so unrealistic, that alarm bells sounded throughout my body as if to say, “That’s too big a want, you can’t do that!”

Follow along with your want or desire.

  1. In my journal I drew a circle at the top of the page. In this circle, I wrote the words, “I spend my winters on Maui.” That was my focus. Then I drew 12 lines (representing rungs of a ladder) from the circle down to the bottom of my paper.
  2. We will work our way up the rungs of this imaginary ladder, setting our vibration at higher and higher levels until we reach the top rung. Each rung of the ladder is a baby step closer in removing all doubts about your wanted desire.
  3. On the bottom rung of your ladder, find one statement that fits your current level of comfort.  My statement was “Hawaii winter weather is warm and gentle.” I felt comfortable with that statement. Write your statement on the bottom, Line 1.
  4. Move up one line and write out another statement that moves you a little bit closer to the statement at the top of your page. This time, the statement, “There are many ways to spend winters on Maui,” seemed about right. I was comfortable; I could “have” that statement, and it was a baby step closer to my goal. Write out your statement on this second ladder rung.
  5. Keep moving up the rungs of your ladder. Maybe your next phrase is something like mine: “Many ordinary people have second homes in Hawaii,” followed by “Lots of people rent out their homes when they are not on the island, bringing in some extra money to defray expenses.”
  6. Then continue up the ladder with another statement that you feel comfortable believing. Mine was “There are condos for sale on Maui right now that are close to my price range.” Then, “I know that my limiting thoughts can be cleared away,” which was followed by “I am increasing my havingness space just by doing this exercise.”
  7. The next statement on my ladder was, “It will be exciting to watch the Universe bring me my winter home in Hawaii,” then another, “I don’t have to buy a place, I could just rent one, or maybe do a home exchange.” Line 10 was: “It might be possible to rent out my home on the mainland while I’m in Hawaii.”
  8. Line 11: “It is possible for me to spend my winters in Hawaii.” And then finally, Line 12, “I can have this. I feel it’s possible. I don’t have to know how just yet. This is about removing the blocks to having my Maui home, so Universe, bring it on.” Finish writing out your statements, all the way to the top rung of your ladder.
  9. Finding the first statement is usually easy, but somewhere in the middle of the process, you might find that it is difficult moving forward. Pause for a moment and acknowledge whose voice is in your head. It could be a family member or someone else in your life saying, “You can’t do that!” This voice isn’t you; it’s just your inner critic trying to keep you from stepping into something new. Acknowledge your inner critic’s need to be heard, but don’t let it stop you. Keep moving forward.
  10. Continue climbing higher and higher on your havingness ladder. Each time you move up a step, you are increasing your vibration around believing your statement. You’ll notice an increased level of excitement and confidence as you find new statements. You may even notice a shift in your body as the old belief releases.
  11. When you’ve finished, compare how you felt when you started to how you feel now. You don’t need to know how you will manifest your dream; you simply must be able to believe that you can have it.

Remember this: If you want to change your life, change your beliefs.

(Written from my winter rental on the island of Maui!)

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