Unconscious Consumption

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 Unconscious Consumption and Mission Plastic.

We live within the confines of  “Instant Gratification.” Life is made easy by the convenience of packages delivered right to our door, but at what cost? With a few clicks of a button, we have delivered whatever we need directly to our doorstep. From food to furniture, we can literally have anything at our whim.

Many companies, have catered to our addiction of “Instantaneous” with a fast and easy way to attain the goods we desire for “Gratification.” However, it has also created a new problem and that is an abundance of packaging. Everything that is delivered to your door comes in a box and within that box are items that keep your items fresh and unbroken.

Where does all of that package end up? Sadly, most of it ends up in a landfill. Cardboard is very valuable and should always be recycled. The packaging on the inside, may not always be able to recycled.

Eco Tip of the Day: Consciously Consume

Before we are so quick to order on our favorite dot com, let’s first ask ourselves if we really need the product. Can you buy multiple things in one order from one store instead of many? And what can we do with all of the packaging instead of just throwing carelessly in the trash?  Can you reuse the boxes and the inside packaging material? Be your own UPS store and reuse first.

Learn more about Mission Plastic, Green Me Locally, and Tara LaSalla at Green Me Locally.com/MissionPlastic

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