Understanding Your True Nature with Personal Planets

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This month I would like to talk about our personal planets in our birth charts and what they symbolize in our lives.  The personal planets are considered the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  We have had many of these planets slow down and go retrograde in the first half of 2014.  This has frustrated us with slower planetary energies, and because retrograde planets make us go back and review, revisit, rework our personal lives and plans.  The second half of 2014 will be much different and will move forward quickly.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion and gain changed signs from Cancer to Leo on July 16th.  Our focus is less on home and family and nurturing our emotions (Cancer) and more on creativity, love affairs, children and entertainment under the sign of Leo!  Whatever house Jupiter is transiting in your birth chart is the part of life where you will see expansion and gain, and possibly creative ventures or love, for the next year or so.  Those with Jupiter in Leo in their birth charts will see the most gifts from this sign change.  Positive energy will surround all of their efforts.  Mars moved from Libra to Scorpio on July 27th.   Actions will be more driven for success, sexually oriented, and possibly more assertive.   We will go after our dreams with more transformational zeal and determination!  This is a great time for everyone to pursue your dreams and heart’s desire given the Jupiter in Leo influence along with Mars in Scorpio until Sept 13, 2104!

We talked about finding your dreams or passions in your career using Astrology in past articles, but this time we will look at the personal planets and see how they also can tell us what you’re most likely to dream of, what your talents are, and what types of relationships are best for you in your personal lives.  Let’s look at three of the personal planets individually. The luminary personal planets (Sun and Moon) will be discussed in another article.

Mercury  –  Mercury is the planet which represents our intellect, thinking, and communication.  The sign and house where your Mercury resides in your birth chart tells us what you’re most likely to think about and how you approach life intellectually and how you best communicate and learn with others.  Do you have gifts in writing, an analytical mind, public speaking, organization, counseling, etc?

Mars –  Mars is the planet of action, assertiveness, sexuality, physical energy and aggression.  The sign and house that Mars is in will give us information about how you react to events, whether you are aggressive and with whom, and how assertiveness can help or hinder your life.  It can also tells us if you would be good at sports or if you desire an active type of lifestyle in the office or in your personal life.  Mars will also give clues as to your heart’s desire  and how you express your sexuality.

Venus  –  The planet of love and money, Venus, is all about what we desire to have in this life, from values, money and material wealth, love, compassion, and simply peace.  The sign and house it’s in can tell us a lot about your values with regard to money and life in general.  It will tell us what sort of partner you desire and are attracted to and how you are likely to show love or need love in a relationship.  Venus rules material goods and money so it can also give us clues as to how you relate to money, where you can make the most money, what you value in life and how good you are at handling your own money.

With Astrology, these three personal planets in your birth chart are very important to really understanding who you are and how others may perceive you.  Once you have a good grasp of who you are at your very core, you are better able to adjust where necessary and make good decisions for yourself no matter what others think or say to you.  Knowing your birth chart enables you to know your mental, communicative self through Mercury, your energy, sexuality, and assertiveness levels with Mars, and your take on money, love and relationships through self worth and core values related to Venus.  Know your birth chart and you will know yourself.

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