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If the past few years have taught me anything it’s that if I have a dream, the possibilities are endless. While others may have complained about the pandemic, and how it impacted their lives in a negative way, it gave me a chance to focus on my dream of publishing my first book. The dream carried me through the tough times. What this did for me was to open my eyes to the possibilities that exist all around me.

Some would say that a dream is just wishful thinking, but notice all the things that once started as a dream. They have become far more than wishful thinking. For me, having a dream is where the thought percolates into tangible ideas. From these ideas I can see the steps needed to move forward.

One of the things that may keep us from turning a dream into reality is our self-doubt. This negative train of thought can stop a dream in its tracks.

One reason self-doubt is so powerful is because it hinders our ability to see the possibilities that await us if we follow through with our dream. I had no idea what was to come after I published my book, all I knew was I had a dream, and I wanted to give myself the best chance possible to see that dream come to fruition.

Another reason our dreams may not come to be, is our fear of the unknown. In the early stages of a dream we may ask ourselves, what if we fail? What if no one buys our art, our book, or listens to our music? Blah! Blah! Blah! How often have we heard the voice of fear telling us it will never work out?

Yet, one of the powerful things about a dream that is true and right for us, is the positive energy behind a dream. When we unleash this energy, our dream begins to take on a life of its own. It’s as if we let go and allow it to take us to places we may never have been before. It is here where our dreams lead us to the unlimited potential of being true to ourselves.

The time we spend pursuing our dreams allows us to connect with our true selves. This is who we are when we release our need to doubt ourselves, stop listening to the negative opinions of others, and silence our negative self-talk. In this newfound stillness, we discover the truth of who we are; our authentic, self-loving self. The person who knows nothing of limitations, the person who only sees possibilities, and the path to realizing the fullness of who we are.

As the last few years have shown us, this journey takes courage, because many people are choosing to remain stuck in the way things were. Yet if we are strong enough to follow our passions and see our dreams come to be, life will never be as it was. Which is a good thing, because our dreams create possibilities we never knew existed until we began to follow our heart and see how far we could go, believing in ourselves.

Another limitation to seeing our dreams as books, art, buildings, you name it, is our limited thinking. Look at the night sky, what do you see? Limitless expanses of possibilities, stars, galaxies, planets, and so much more. If we take the same view of the world around us we will begin to see unlimited potential. But to reach this potential, we must stop focusing on the roadblocks that may prevent us from reaching our dreams.

I still dream of publishing more books, which has opened me to seeing many of life’s situations as potential articles or blog posts. Even if the articles do not work out as I had planned, I learn something from the process that allows me to recognize other possibilities. As they say, one thing leads to another, then another, then another. This is how dreams become music, art, magazines, gardens, even rocket ships. And this is how dreams lead to unlimited possibilities.





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