Venus Retrograde- What do You Value?

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Co-creating With The Divine

fotolia © Oleksandrum

fotolia © Oleksandrum

We all hear from spiritual teachers in today’s world that we can manifest what we think about if we just focus on it enough.  Personally, I have never totally bought into this idea.  The reason being that it takes my Higher Power out of the equation.  It also takes anyone else’s manifesting wishes that may conflict with mine out of the equation.  What I have come to learn by studying astrology and other esoteric studies is that perhaps we are actually co-creating our future all the time.  Co-creating with the Divine and everything that is a part of it (you and me and all other living things).

There is no doubt in astrology that certain planetary cycles affect lives dramatically.  No doubt that the planetary transits over our birth chart planets have significant meaning and dictate certain timing or periods of dominant energies in our lives.  I see it every day in my client readings.  However, we may need to make choices, take actions, pray or set intentions, etc., to make things happen in our lives.  This is where our free will comes into the picture.  That is why it Is very difficult to “predict the future” with astrology.  Because you are constantly co-creating and recreating your future.  But we can predict when you may be more fortunate or gifted with opportunities.  Or we can also predict when you may have to work extra hard and pray a lot to change things during a challenging time.

In other words, as astrologers, we know what your focus is at this stage in your life and even this week or day in your life and how the transiting planets are triggering your specific Divine plan (or birth chart).  But it is up to you to make the choices and take the actions to add value to your life.

The major planetary aspect this month is Venus going retrograde.  Venus retrograde only comes around every one and a half years, giving us the opportunity to stop and look at what we value in life.  Venus turns retrograde on March 4th and this will encourage us to reevaluate or renew our love lives, our values, and our finances, even perhaps our creative endeavors. To look at all that we love and value in our lives, including our own selves.  Where do we need more balance or healing? Do we feel worthy to have money or success?   Are we in a relationship that is an equal partnership? Or one that lifts us up to be the best version of ourselves?   Are we getting paid what we should for the work we do or do we need a new promotion or job change?  Are we paying attention to our values?  Do we live those values?  Venus Rx asks us to look at all of these questions.

fotolia © Christos Georghiou

fotolia © Christos Georghiou

We will be considering such things having to do with what we value and what we love all month and into April.  But we are not to act on any improvements in these areas until the retrograde is over on April 15th.   For example, if you meet a new love interest, its best to go slow during the Venus retrograde as it may not last once Venus goes direct.  Or you may not want to purchase big tickets items during this time.  If you have to make a purchase, keep your purchase receipts because once Venus goes direct, you may want to return that item.  Venus also rules beauty, so it’s a good time to try a new hairstyle or look but we should not do anything radical or permanent like cosmetic surgery because it may not turn out the way we hoped it would.

Venus retrograde is also a time when old lovers can come back into the picture for reevaluation, or you may be remembering past lovers to see what adjustments you need to make to your present love life.  If you are already married or partnered up, it may be a time to try and get that romance back into the relationship or to work out the joint finances.  It’s all about where do we place our values?  And do those values align with our current lives?  If not, wait until after April 15th and then make some changes for yourself to realign your values!

These changes in your values should help you to co-create your life with your Creator.  If you do not feel worthy of money or success or love, you most likely will not be able to manifest it.  Or perhaps you are not paid enough at work and want to manifest a dream job.  You must value yourself enough and that job enough to manifest a wonderful new opportunity.  And you must be in gratitude for that which you already have manifested and created in your life.

Use the Venus Retrograde to look at all of that which you value in your life.  And to determine where you need to make adjustments to create more success and happiness in your life.  Recognize that at certain times in your life, this manifestation will be more challenging or easier depending upon planetary cycles.  Also recognize that sometimes challenges are part of the Divine plan for your life mainly because they do make us appreciate our blessings.  The things we manifest are not always a rosy future full of love, happiness, and money, but we will manifest that which teaches us what is of value in our lives.  We cannot appreciate the sunshine without the rain.  And we value the sunshine that much more after the rains have passed.  The Eclipses last month may have shaken up things for you, but can you find the lesson in it?  Can you see where your own values may have changed?  Or need to change?  This is where spiritual growth occurs and blessings arrive.

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