Venus, the Planet of Value

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© Natalia

© Natalia

Venus has been moving towards the Sun recently and as the Sun shines its light on Venus and all the things that Venus rules like beauty, pleasure, fine art, self worth, women, money, comfortable surroundings, and love, these things become more important to us.  The keyword for Venus is ” valued”.  One of the most fascinating things that Venus rules is our beauty and pleasure, especially with others.  Venus also rules our money, finances, food, and self worth.  All things valued.  So we take a moment this month to reflect on this planet which brings such pleasure and love and therefore value to our lives.

We often hear about beauty in the media and how a product can help us overcome our lack of it.  But I would like to talk about the beauty we find on the inside, that no products can create for us.  This type of beauty if often overlooked in our fast paced and competitive culture.   We have stopped taking those moments to just enjoy and take pleasure in the people around us or the beauty in the world.   When we are living in our authentic self, we slow down our life tempo and radiate an inner beauty that comes from within and doesn’t require a multitude of beauty products to make it shine.   It comes from doing what you love, being what you love and relating to who you love.  It comes from finding “value” or Venus in your life.

How do we find our authentic self?   As an astrologer, I find it amazing that birth charts often hold the keys to expressing and knowing our authentic self.  The true self that is not influenced by peers or parents or other family members, but the self you create from within using your Creator given gifts and talents, or your “stars”.   Most people have some idea of their authentic self and how it operates.  But the world will tell us different or we are afraid to express our authentic selves because of negative beliefs taught to us by our parents when we were very young and impressionable or those we learn from bad experiences  sometimes as children or adults.  Knowing your birth chart can assist you is reconnecting with your authentic self and a good astrologer will help you find ways to express your true value and innate gifts by interpreting your chart for you in a positive, life affirming way.

The challenges that hold us back from expressing our gifts can often be seen as squares, oppositions, or inconjuncts in the astrological birth chart.  If you are aware of these challenges and when they are likely to occur in your life and with whom, then you are better equipped to handle them and make the changes necessary to grow beyond them and to heal them.  A good astrologer will see these challenges and their patterns in the birth chart as a tool for growth and will point out ways to move past them and see their benefits in your life through that growth.  And when we grow and expand our lives, our true beauty shines forth from the realization that we can co-create something beautiful out of something difficult.  Sometimes, but not always, difficulties are there because we are not living our authentic life and when we better align with that true self, we find happiness and pleasure in ourselves and in others.

Venus rules love relationships too and I believe this is because Venus brings people we love and who add value into our lives to mirror something back to us, to help us grow and live more authentically.  Parents often say that their children mirror back to them who they truly are and who do we love the most but our children?  Or we also hear that we have to be a whole, happy person before we can be a part of a couple.  Could this be because our other half mirrors ourselves back to us and they also love us unconditionally, they love who we truly are? If you don’t love yourself or are not living authentically, then you won’t be able to receive love and sustain a relationship.  Venus knows this and teaches us to love not only others, but ourselves too.  Understanding Venus in our charts help us see love relationships as a giving AND a receiving from two authentic people who value each other and want their partner to be living their true authentic selves.  Anything short of that is not love and won’t last or will create unhappiness.

Venus lights the way for us, letting us know what we love, what brings us happiness and therefore, what we value.

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