Wake up and listen… to your body

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© Leo Lintang – Fotolia.com

Are you ready to wake up your body to sense something spectacular?

I’m ready to give you a little guidance on how to do that. It starts with simple awareness and having a new understanding of how your body works and what your body is telling you at any given moment so you can make better choices.

Our bodies are talking to us every moment of the day and sometimes we just refuse to listen. Maybe we never learned how to connect with our body so we wouldn’t even know how to start listening in the first place.  When we choose to ignore the body, that is when we often default towards unhealthy habits, which could be overeating, under eating, emotional eating, eating junk food or the like.  These choices typically happen as emotions or feelings stir up that we choose not to feel and therefore decide instead to mask with destructive habits that don’t serve us in the end.

I like to think of symptoms in our body as our little guardian angels saying to us, “Hey, look over here!” and when we don’t listen those angels just keep knocking on our door harder and harder each time until it gets so bad that the door comes crashing down and we develop other unwelcome symptoms such as illness or disease. That’s when we often have no choice but to wake up.  So why not wake up before they break your door down?

One of the best ways to “wake up” your body and become more connected is to heal yourself on a physical level first.  In order for us to wake up to the possibilities and opportunities our body has for us we need to clean up our toxic bodies and replace all the bad, harmful and toxic foods we are eating with whole, natural, clean organic foods.  Ever look at the labels on your food? Ever notice how many ingredients can be listed in one simple food?  I remember my husband and I were in a store one Memorial Day and we were buying organic grass-fed hamburger meat for a BBQ and there was a non-organic random brand next to it. The entire side of the box was filled with a list of ingredients. It amazed me that hamburger meat which should have just read “100% meat” or in our case “grass-fed” meat had about 20 ingredients listed from fillers, flavor enhancers, preservatives, natural and artificial colors and flavorings and whatever else they decided to throw in it.  It was awful and upsetting at the same time!

So simply start with paying attention to what you are putting in your body.  Little by little choose better foods for yourself.   The reason why this is so important is because the food we eat does not only impact us on a physical level but it impacts us on a mental and emotional level as well.  I had a very long journey of health challenges and came to find out later that it was everything I was eating.  I was indulging in a diet where the low-fat, low-carb, low-sugar foods were all chemical based.  Along with severe digestive issues, I had anxiety, depression, irritability, fatigue and that’s just a few!  Those were the very symptoms I chose to ignore at one point in my life. I never knew how to connect with my body and to be honest, I hated my body at the time so here I was thinking that she was betraying me, but I was betraying her.  I unfortunately didn’t wake up until my angels knocked my door down real hard and I ended up in the hospital.  That was one lesson I don’t regret. I may not have otherwise made that change, but I should have stopped it before it got that bad!

What can you do today to choose better for yourself? Here are some tips:

  • Start listening to your body’s cues and symptoms
  • Start reading your labels
  • Begin to crop out toxic foods in your diet and replace with whole foods
  • Start listening to your emotions rather than masking them
  • Practice, practice, practice!

I assure you your body will start to respond in ways you never thought possible.  You might feel lighter, release stress, lessen any anxiety that might be present, clear digestive challenges, lose weight and the like.  Give your body the same respect you would to any other human being you love and adore and fill her or him up with pure love and nourishment.  You and your body deserve it!





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