Water, Healing and You

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The Self as a Healer


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Our bodies are a wonder!  It is both miraculous and mysterious to us that our bodies function without need of our conscious awareness or effort to actually make them operate. Yet, they do.  Most of the time we breathe, metabolize, sleep and dream without even a thought about it.  We unconsciously go through the motions of our day.  This is interesting because we spend a great deal of time thinking, mostly worrying, about so many things in our life.  This worry results in our taking action and “efforting” in our daily lives to bring about the safety, security and the results we want. We pursue our conscious desires with the misguided belief that all we see and do is all there is.  Our efforts consume our day.

In Masaru Emoto’s book, The True Power of Water, we learn that the crystalline structure of water is significantly altered by thought, emotion and environment.  Emoto shows us that the most beautiful and complex crystalline structures are created when water is exposed to words like gratitude, love and joy while the crystalline structure of water exposed to negative thoughts are unremarkable, lackluster and under-developed in their structure.

So what does conscious thinking and water have to do with our health?  In a word – everything!  We are taught in our early school years that our bodies are 70-80% water.  If this is so, we must apply the learning that Emoto gives us to consciously, deliberately expose ourselves and our bodies to positive thoughts. Imagine the power of our bodies taking in the positive thoughts of gratitude, love and joy.  Imagine adding deliberate positive intentions to the already miraculous and mysterious happenings within our body. Imagine even further the opportunity we have to use deliberate intention to reveal and heal unconscious beliefs that hold us back!

A few years ago, I was in a car accident.  In a short span of time, I gained a lot of weight. As my body stabilized, I remember thinking the extra weight would be a fact of life going forward.  I felt disempowered and hopeless in the situation.  Then, in January 2017, I decided to apply positive thinking to the situation and created a mantra for myself.  My mantra was, “I am 130 pounds. My body is strong and flexible.”  I also made a commitment to myself that I would notice those diet-related things that would cross my path and I would try them.  Before long, I had taken off 10 pounds!  I also began to spend 10 minutes each day visualizing myself at my ideal weight.  I have lost more than 50 pounds and am well on my way to my ideal weight.  It hasn’t always been easy. However, using these techniques dramatically improved my will power and success.

Emoto’s book reminds us there are forces at work in our daily lives that we can’t always see, touch, taste, smell or hear. These are Physical Laws (e.g. gravity), Natural Laws (e.g. vibration and attraction) and Universal Laws (e.g. abundance and prosperity). Understanding these laws and how they work – whether in the seen or unseen – is key to understanding our health. With this understanding, we are able to deliberately direct the Self as a healer. Emoto’s example demonstrates how easy it is to impact our water and our bodies and develop into the beautiful crystalline structures we are meant to be.


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Cyndy Donato is a life coach with experience using executive coaching, Kundalini healing, still-mind mediation, dream interpretation and understanding of Universal Laws to aid her clients.  Cyndy is a teacher and student at the School of Metaphysics. http://stlouiswellnesscenter.com/cyndy-donato/






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